Edmonton, Canada based tech death/metalcore band Protosequence is soon to release their newest independent EP Biophagus on August 18th. Known for their interesting mix of sounds, this album definitely does deliver.To put it simply, this may be my favorite album I’ve ever reviewed while working for Bloodrock Media.

Protosequence takes the insane melodic riffage of metalcore bands like August Burns Red or Novelists, and mixes them with tech death elements of bands like The Black Dahlia Murder which makes for what I think could be a band that has the potential to break through and make it huge. Somehow the vocalist keeps the metalcore sound in his uncleans, while still being able to throw extreme deathcore vocals of some songs, such as “DFL”. One skill this band truly shines in is their transitioning through sounds. They jump through different genres as if its nothing, and on every single track it works well. And despite all of the influences obvious in the music, they somehow still find their own sound. I cannot put into words the hope I have for this band to make it big.

Biophagus is of another caliber, every aspect of it is flawless, and will not only be in my playlist but should be in everyone else’s as well. Whatever you do, do not sleep on this band. Make sure you pick up Biophagus when it releases August 18th!

FFO: August Burns Red, The Black Dahlia Murder, Rings of Saturn, Born of Osiris

Track Listing:
1. DFL (3:42)
2. Parasitic (4:42)
3. Shepherd (5:02)
4. The Hate Subsides (4:08)

Ryan Schaffler (Bass)
Kyle Hunter (Guitar)
Joseph McKee (Vocals)
Logan Vars (Drums)
Parker (Guitar and Vocals)

Check them out here!


Bloodrock Rating:  5.0 out of 5.0 axes

Written by Ethan Grason for Bloodrock Media on July 19, 2017