One of the coolest things about writing for a music website is the free music; sometimes you get that stinky old egg, but you also get that aged brie cheese (I’m old, don’t judge), and I believe that’s where Prospekt’s new album The Illuminated Sky fits comfortably. It’s not a hamburger, fries, and a beer kind of album. This is a dressed up sushi and warm sake kind of album.

Ok, enough food analogies, I’m getting hungry.

You just know that when a band leads off an 11 minute song, you’re going to have to sit and appreciate it, because it’s going to be a complicated album. You also know that when that band has mister Marc Hudson, singer for the almighty Dragonforce, guest singing on that track, that it’s going to be a head turner- at least it is to me.

The Illuminated Sky was recorded by the band themselves, mixed by Øyvind Larse, and mastered by Jens Bogren, clearly this band has taste. The progressive style of the group combined with their power metal influences makes for an interesting listen. I doubt I would be able to mosh or even headbang at one of their shows, but I could easily sit there and enjoy the hell out of it. Certain bands are like that.

No I’m not talking about Pink Floyd– those guys could put a roided out coke head to sleep! I’m talking about the very metal inspired power prog bands making their voices known in the metal industry, and not being pussies about who they are. Too many bands, like Dream Theater, took to the mainstream for a while to gain themselves a bigger fanbase. Prospekt hasn’t done that. This is their second full length album and, after a little research, I can safely say, they’re just getting better at making music that you can enjoy but, unlike bands like Pantera, you don’t have to be drunk to do so.

A lot of people don’t like prog bands because of the stigma; prog heads are just flat out dicks about being prog heads. They’re the vegans of metal. The cool thing about The Illuminated Sky is that you don’t HAVE to be a prog head to enjoy it.

The Illuminated Sky drops Mid July 2017.

FFO: Dream Theater, Dragonforce, The Fibonacci Sequence, Iron Maiden

Genre: Power Prog Metal

Band Lineup:
Lee Luland – Guitar
Michael Morris – Vocals
Rox Capriotti – Keyboard
Blake Richardson – Drums
Phil Wicker – Bass

Track List:
1. Where Masters Fall (feat Marc Hudson)
2. Beneath Enriya
3. Ex Nihilo
4. Distant Anamnesis
5. Alien Makers of Discord (feat Greg Howe)
6. Titan
7. Akaibara
8. In The Shadows of The Earth
9. Cosmic Emissary
10. The Illuminated Sky

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Bloodrock Rating:  4.0 out of 5.0 axes

Written by Hobbes Caltous for Bloodrock Media on July 6, 2017