There isn’t much of an opportunity to listen to a metal band from Italy. It’s there, but it doesn’t hop the pond so well because, well, ‘Murica. Aside from Lacuna Coil and Dragonforce’s new drummer, Gee Anzalone (all hail), you don’t get to hear much. Ever heard of Infected Rain? Of course you haven’t, but you should. Write that down.

Say it with me: Progenie Terrestre Pura. In English, it means Pure Terrestrial Progeny, but you knew that, right? The name works really well, because it sets a tone before you listen to a single note. When the list of albums available for review came out, I took this one because not only did the name stick out, but I saw the album art, and one band came to mind: MECHINA.

If you don’t know who Mechina are, you should. Anyway, it was because of this that I juuuuuust knew I was going to fall in love, and I did. QUICKLY. Just look at the cover, and you get the picture (literally). The album tells you a tale, and even if you can’t really understand what’s going on with the lyrics, you can feel the intensity and the largeness of its message.

The album’s title track is an exemplary track, and true to form, epic as hell. This is a band that, done right, could WREAK HAVOC on a stage. The wonderful thing about a concept band like this is that you can sit back and enjoy the massiveness of the space it creates, or you can fucking wreck your steering wheel playing the drums on it while you’re driving, like I do! I try not to just fall head over heels for a band I’m reviewing, because objectivity is key. But I really can’t find anything wrong with this EP. It’s not QUITE as good as Mechina when it comes to production value (seriously, look em up), but it utilizes many different genres and sounds in its creation. There’s some Tuvan throat singing at the beginning of [.oltreLuna.], and there’s even some sub bass, dubstep style, and it WORKS!

Think of it; five tracks, FIFTY FIVE MINUTES or intergalactic war in your EARHOLES! The only other band who’s done something like that, that I liked was Disillusion, who are from Germany, but it was NOTHING like this piece of gold I’ve found for you.

Progenie teRrestre Pura have the words “mass” and “effect” on their Facebook page as their genre. If you don’t know, Mass Effect is a video game trilogy, and is RIGHT up there with Star Wars. And, to me, that speaks volumes, because it immediately says “we’re telling a story here.”

If you can appreciate that kind of band – and you really should – then you will el oh vee ee this band. I think, if I were the one mixing this, the only thing I would change besides the overall mix, would be to turn the vocals up a little bit, so I could make them out a little more. But I can easily appreciate what they were going for, they don’t want any one piece to stand out from the rest – like a soundtrack! Hands down, this is one of the best albums I’ll listen to this year.

Bloodrock Rating: 5 of 5

FFO: Periphery, Mechina, Fear Factory

Genre: Intergalactic Civil War Metal

Davide Colladon – Guitars/Composition
Emanuele Prandoni – Vocals/Lyrics
Fabrizio Sanna – Bass/Production

Track list:
1. [.pianeta.Zero.]
2. [.subLuce.]
3. [.Deus.Est.Machina.]
4. [.Proxima-B.]
5. [.oltreLuna.]

Check out Progenia teRrestre Pura here:


Written by Hobbes Caltous for Bloodrock Media on July 8, 2017