Manifest Rebellion is a fresh take on the black metal scene of yesteryear. While it has plenty of fresh elements to it,  there’s no denying the influence of old school greats like Death, Kreator or Venom. It’s a bit of a fresh drink of water in the fact that it’s respecting the old school cool while not trying to replicate any of the legends of the genre, which is something great for new school and old school fans alike. Praise the Flame seems intent on doing everything in their power on this album to keep death/black metal pure and aggressive as hell, and trust me, it’s a good thing.

Despite a bit of a lackluster intro, the first real track “Fire Forces of Hate” takes it from zero to 100 and kicks things off right. The eight real tracks are pretty straightforward in conception, heavy, fast, easy to zone out and head bang to. The vocals are a bit underwhelming, like a much slower paced, slightly less aggressive Randy Blythe in style but nevertheless not bad either. The real standout qualities of this album would have to be the coherence between the guitars shredding and the slick yet hammering drums. Tracks like “Sepulchral Haze” and “Endless Scourge” display amazing examples of air tight breakdowns and straight up shredding. Praise The Flame shows some serious potential all across this album while also displaying some solid achievements in kicking musical ass.

One other thing to consider with this album is that it’s their first real full length album – their EP Profane Cult garnered critical acclaim and this is just a bigger step in the right direction. While I do think they have some edges to smooth out and drop another full length to really show their staying power, nothing about Manifest Rebellion suggests that they are anything other than capable of continuing to get better and better as time goes on. With the album rerelease in September I think a looooot of metalheads are going to pick this up and wonder how they were asleep on these guys for two years after the initial release back in 2015.

2.Fire Forces of Hate
3.Manifest Rebellion
4.The Burial Urns of Grief
5.Sepulchral Haze
6.Endless Scourge
7.Venomous Tyranny
8.Rise the Witchpower
9.Cryptic Sovereign Death

JJ : Vocals, Guitar
Necroterror : Bass
Druaghonik : Drums

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Bloodrock Rating:  3.5 outta 5 axes

Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on August 3, 2017