POKERFACE – GAME ON (self released)

Out of Moscow, Russia come POKERFACE, an amalgam of death, thrash, and epic metal. Not a bad combination, when you think about it. Game On presents a wealthy amount of driving beats and heavy tones, along with Lady Owl’s somewhat unique version of metal vocals.

Listening to one song at a time, like on a random playlist in your car, this stuff is pretty good! Every track has a really good mix, chugging riffs, and some really good drumming. Owl’s vocals have a lot of promise and I’d definitely look forward to more music simply to hear her progression as a singer.

There is, however, a gaping problem, sadly. I really wanted to like this album, and like I said, if you listen to the songs one at a time in a mix of other stuff, if can be really fun to listen to. On the other hand, if you’re like me, you like to listen to an entire album in one sitting, and it’s in that that I noticed a huge flub on their part.

In short, every song sounds the same. The same 1-3 drum beats can be heard heard in every song, and a lot of the same riff progressions as well. It got boring pretty quickly. Cry. Pray. Die. is a good example of a kick ass song buried in a lot of other kick ass songs. When you have all the songs going along at the same pace, it rolls like an egg and eventually you just want to switch to something else.

I did like Owl’s deviation in her usual vocal style in “Creepy Guests,” where it sounds somewhat similar to Lena from Infected Rain or Heidi Shepard from Butcher Babies. But it was, sadly, only a small detour from their usual stuff.

I also – and this is me being a snog – noticed that the vocals are REALLY dry! When you’re doing death vocals, you want to wet it up a bit.

In short, POKERFACE shows a lot of promise, and if they hired a producer, I think the right one could add dimension to the band. I would very much like to hear more from this band in the future, and I can almost certainly guarantee a better review, because this album ALMOST has it, and with a few minor tweaks and some added song dynamics, this band could do really well.

For this, I give Game On a 2.5 out of 5.

FFO: Butcher Babies, Infected Rain, Slayer

Lady Owl – Vocals
Xen Ritter – Lead guitars
DedMoroz – Bass guitar
Doctor – Drums, percussion

1- The Bone Reaper
2- The Fatal Scythe
3- Play Or Die
4- Blackjack (demonic 21)
5- Straight Flush
6- Cry. Pray. Die.
7- Creepy Guests
8- Bow! Run! Scream!
9- Jackpot
10- Game On

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Written by Hobbes Caltous for Bloodrock Media on September 25, 2017