I love getting stuff like this; BRM gets so much heavy music that it’s almost deafening, so when I get assigned a review for a power pop group, I smile immediately.

Plastic Tones are from Helsinki, Finland; a country so unknown to the rest of the world, that Monty Python did a song about it, and basically said nothing about it at all but to mention how far it was from other countries. Most people in the west could scarcely locate it on a map (it’s next to Norway and Sweden, folks, sheesh). In fact, one of the few things I personally know about Finland is that there have been more Rally champions from there than any other country, which, if you’re a Rally fan, is pretty cool.

Being from a subtle nation, it’s interesting to hear a band back that up in a stylish way. Plastic Tones is a subtle band, and their music shares that subtlety.

That said, I LOVE Wash Me With Love. The phrase I would use to describe the album is “bouncy yet subdued.”

I think a perfect example of this is the song “Ariel,” because it has a happy tone without being cheesy about it. In fact, I have to say, the whole album is like that. It reminds me of old 80’s rock, like the Go-Gos, but, you know, without the synth and subsequent Playboy centerfolds.

Yeah. Go-gos mixed with Disintegration– era The Cure, and for this description alone you should be impressed.  Seriously.

From it’s first track “Don’t Forget,” I immediately was transported to the first time I saw Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, which, if you haven’t seen the movie, is a music lover’s dream. I bet Michael Cera loves this band and if he doesn’t know who they are, he should know and love this band! Did you know he plays bass? I know, right? I should watch the movie again.

The whole album is, in a nutshell, ten tracks of enjoying the weekend off; sitting in the front room, sipping orange tea, and reading a magazine. That is Wash Me With Love, right there. I don’t even have a gripe about it – the songs don’t drone on, even though most of them push right past that three minute mark of listener retention. “Candy March” even pushes SIX minutes and it’s still good. It’s punk, and I like it.  I actually wish the album was longer, and coming from a huge metal fan, this should also impress you.

Keep doing your thing, guys, because for the second time ever, I’m giving an album a 5 out of 5.

Wash Me With Love dropped September 8th, 2017. Take a detour, metal fans, and pick this up.

FFO: Silversun Pickups, The Cure, Lena

1- Don’t Forget
2- Ariel
3- Blue Citroen
4- Shanghai
5- Laundry Day
6- Candy March
7- Eyes
8- Boring Party
9- More Trouble
10- Behind Talking Heads+Anguish & Lament

Art – guitar
Roto – vocals
Joel – guitar
Ninni – bass
Gid – drums

Check out Plastic Tones here:


Written by Hobbes Caltous for Bloodrock Media on September 26, 2017