Papa Roach formed in Vacaville, California back in 1993. Their first album, Infest, was released in 2000.

Papa Roach are one of the bands that I’ve always felt connected to. Their songs off Infest hit so close to home in my youth. I remember leaving school blaring “Last Resort” and “Broken Home” (even though I didn’t have a broken home). I could relate to every song back then (16-17 years ago). I felt like they knew how I felt.

Our connection still rings true today, with their newest single “Help” from their latest album Crooked Teeth… when I first heard it, it made me think back to how much their lyrics sounded like they were written just for me. That has not changed. They know me. People can seriously relate to their lyrics. They are meaningful and that’s one reason I have always loved Papa Roach.

Their latest album Crooked Teeth, even the title says it, a lot of people have crooked teeth, myself included; it is part of who we are.  It’s about us. Every part of Papa Roach is about all of us. If you actually pay attention to their lyrics and listen to the words, you’ll understand what I mean. Their lyrics show hurt and pain, yet they also help get us through it and tell us we are better and things will be okay.

I saw them play in Dallas this past Sunday. It was my first time seeing them live. And it was AMAZING seeing the crowd interact with them as well as see how much the band gives a shit about their fans. Everyone sang along. “I think I need help… I’m drowning in myself…” I can’t even begin to describe how much this song means to me right now.

“Periscope” is taking you on a relationship rollercoaster ride. Wanting to love but being afraid of feelings and possible disappointment. “I’ll love you through a periscope…” Jacoby and Skylar make this enjoyable. Their vocals together is heaven.  “Born For Greatness” goes out to everyone who hears it – to give them hope, lift them up, and let them know they aren’t alone. A lot of people don’t hear enough uplifting things in their lives. This song tell them they are somebody and they are important. Instead of running from life they need to live life to the fullest.

All of the songs on Crooked Teeth are great. Again, as I’ve said a million times already, they all have meaning. Adding Skylar Grey and Machine Gun Kelly on a couple tracks were just an added bonus. Both are great artists in their own right. When you put out an album and EVERY single song is awesome and can be interpreted into someone’s life while they’re listening to it, that’s what makes your album beyond amazing and makes you a kickass band!  This is Papa Roach and Crooked Teeth.

Break The Fall
Crooked Teeth
My Medication
Born For Greatness
American Dreams
Periscope (ft. Skylar Grey)
Sunrise Trailer Park (ft. Machine Gun Kelly)
None of the Above


Written by Keren Weiss for Bloodrock Media on June 1, 2017