On November 10, Toronto based sludge-rock outfit Pale Mare will release their self-titled three-song EP via Medusa Crush Recordings. Let’s take a quick trip through these three tracks that were born out of a desire to make music that is loud, aggressive and full of thick groovy riffs.

As soon as opener “Carthage” begins, you can tell that Pale Mare have achieved their goal. This track oozes aggression and is filled with an energy that is perfectly suited to a hardcore punk rock show. If you close your eyes and just listen, you can almost see a crowd of people moshing and crowdsurfing. Things get a little more melodious around the three-minute mark, but that only lasts for about a minute before the blast beats kick back in and the energy ramps back up. Not a bad way to open up an EP.

“Descolada” is the single off the EP, and it begins with a groovy guitar riff and some blast beats. Wailing vocals come in and the tune is catchy as hell, but I can’t distinguish the lyrics for the life of me. Around two minutes in, the vocals stop and the groovy riffs over thundering drums and fat bass take over. At times during the instrumental period here I couldn’t tell if there were vocals and they were just unnecessarily quiet, or if it was just really impressive guitar work. I’m gonna go with really impressive guitar work. The vocals actually do kick back in towards the end of the song, and they kick with that raw energy that makes bands like these so special.

Finally, there’s the seven-minute-long “Hoplite”, which starts with some noisy guitar before that guitar is met with some fast-paced percussion and the whole thing turns into a sick groove. The instrumentals almost overtake the vocals when they kick in, giving the track a raw and (perhaps purposely) underproduced sound. The track gets more melodic to round out the sound later on in the track before bringing back the intensity. If you weren’t convinced that these guys are the real deal by the first two tracks, this one will do it.

Pale Mare have worked hard to get where they are since 2015, and with the release of this EP, they already have material for a full-length album in the works. It sounds like these guys really know how to bring the party on a live show, and I for one will definitely be keeping my ear out for them to come to a venue near me. You should be too, but in the meantime, go pick up this album when it comes out. It’s raw, it’s energetic, it has just the right amount of brutality, and it’s fun. These three tracks will kick your ass and leave you wanting more.

Bloodrock Rating:  5.0 out of 5.0 axes

01. Carthage
02. Descolada
03. Hoplite

Tommy Gervais – Bass/Vocals
Eytan Gordon – Guitar/Vocals
Luke Roberts – Drums

Check out Pale Mare here:


Written by Mitch Ellerbrock for Bloodrock Media on November 5, 2017