Who says you can’t go home again? PageNinetyNine just blew that notion out of the water. With the 2017 release of their Document 7 EP, these rowdy Virginia boys have done just that. After disbanding 14 years ago, the most controversial Presidential election possibly ever has spurned the band back into furious musical protest. If you were ever curious about them or just looking for some new hardcore to rage to, now is definitely the time.

Document 7 originally dropped in the dawn of the “screamo” movement, 2001, when their peers such as Poison the Well, Blood Brothers, Boy Sets Fire, etc. were also taking off. That style surprisingly has aged very well, especially on this piece of work. Departing a bit from being the 100% frantic madness that they were previously known for, Document 7 does put greater emphasis on building up the sonic landscape. Despite the more “constructive” approach to song crafting taken here, they left behind none of the fury. So when I say it’s not 100% frantic madness, take note that it’s still 99.9999999% madness you’ll adore with every listen. One of the coolest things about this album is the wholly unusual song structure lengths. A song might be eight minutes or it could barely be one and yet with a song such as “Love Goes Tisk…Tisk…Tisk” you still get a full song feeling. The barrage of furious vocals and properly used blast beats hit you so hard and fast that by the time it’s over you’re like, “damn I needed to catch my breath anyway.” Even smaller things like the odd yet beautiful riff arrangements of “Del Mundo Llena del Rocio” are ragers but at the same time just greatly structured.

There’s a shit ton of bands out there, especially from “bygone” eras like when screamo exploded on the metal/rock scene in the 2000s that tried really hard to be different, to stick out from the crowd, and that wasn’t always a good thing. The uniqueness here though is what takes 5 hyper aggressive tracks and turns them into high adrenaline art. Fans of grindcore, hardcore, deathcore, mathcore any kind of damn core really will hear the amazing comparability and contrast to tracks like “Living in the Skeleton of a Happy Man” and “Del Mundo Llena del Rocio,” and be able to immediately spot how both viewpoints make them amazing. If you’ve ever owned an album from Dillinger Escape Plan, Pig Destroyer or even From Autumn to Ashes (the first one when they were still the shit) then you’d 100% be remiss to let this album slip through your fingers. Get off your ass and get this album….now.

1.Living in the Skeleton of a Happy Memory
2.Del Mundo Llena del Rocio
3.The Mangled Hand
4.Love Goes Tisk…Tisk…Tisk…
5.A Sonnet to Both Ugly and Murderous

Blake Midgette – vocals
Chris Taylor – vocals
Mike Taylor – guitar
George Crum – guitar
Mike Casto – guitar
Cory Stevenson – bass
Johnny Ward – drums

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Bloodrock Rating:  4.0 out of 5.0 axes

Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on July 12, 2017