OWL MAKER – PATHS OF THE SLAIN (self released)

I checked the band’s facebook, there’s surprisingly little about the band that put out Paths of the Slain, which is kind of a let down, because I’m thoroughly enjoying their EP! Their logo suggests death metal, and given that I couldn’t find a sample of anything, I was entirely unsure of what to expect.

I like that!

When the EP’s first track started, I was greeted to the sultry sounds of something that sounds like Clutch hate fucking that guy from Nickelback in the back room of a dingy bar venue – in the best way. “Ride with Eileen” is a balls out rock song whose cranked guitars and, what I’m guessing is purposefully, underproduced overall mix is reminiscent of bands from the 90’s who wanted nothing more than to get on stage and rock your face off.

What I also really like about this band can be summarized in the EP’s fifth track, “Witches”, which brings a more stoner rock feel to their sound. Normally I don’t get into this sort of thing because my daddy was a hippie and I was done with that crap before I reached the age of two. But these guys make it alright. It’s not boring, and it’s not trying to be something it isn’t. It’s not stoner rock that says “hey, look at us! We’re on acid too!”

Hell, it’s not even stoner rock, it’s just balls out rock that’s a bit slower. Kudos to them.

I think, if I have one gripe, it’s that it’s too short, which really says how much I enjoy this band.

Paths of the Slain is a long drive down a straight desert road in a 57 chevy with your leathered up hottie in the next seat with her head in your lap and feet out the window. It’s a dirty night at a bar, with beer and a pizza in a charge-by-the-hour motel all rolled into one.

In short, it’s a good fuckin’ time. For this, I give Paths of the Slain a 4 out of 5. Good job, guys, now get some video together so I can put you on The Underground Bunker!

Paths of the Slain drops March 18, 2018. Pick it up.

FFO: Clutch, Transport League

Vox/Guitar — Simon Tuozzoli
Bass — Jessie May
Drums — Chris Anderson

Ride with Eileen
Freya’s Chariot
Lady Stoneheart

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Written by Hobbes Caltous for Bloodrock Media, January 30, 2018