Coming from the booze-soaked and swampy shores of Lake Michigan, Old Whiskey Funeral is certainly an apt moniker for this newer act out of Chicago. Combining aspects of black, death, groove, and doom metal like a distillery blends malts and ingredients, Old Whiskey Funeral have brought forth a self-titled debut EP that should garner them a nice following in the weeks and months to come.

Satisfying and strong, Old Whiskey Funeral is an EP that hangs its hat heavily on robust riffage and estimable rhythms, all plentifully bestrewn with the bloodcurdling howls, screams, and growls of vocalist Devin Vansickle. Although these same vocals can seem a bit harsh or high-pitched at times, Vansickle is a more than capable blackened doom n’ death crooner, and his tones of terror set the mood well on this five-track achievement.

Some of my favorites from the Old Whiskey Funeral EP include the catchy and well-written “Stoned, Drunk, and Ready to Die”; the groovy graveyard anthem known as “Morgue Whore”; and the indomitable dark and doom of “The World Shines Less Bright Today”. As a whole, this entire album is well-produced and fun to listen to, especially on a dark and rainy day while enjoying a hot cup of coffee (and if you’d like to make it an Irish Coffee to further enhance the experience, I’m sure the dudes in Old Whiskey Funeral would fully agree with your decision).  Old Whiskey Funeral is currently available on Spotify and Bandcamp, so go enjoy this excellent EP right now! \m/

FFO: Darkthrone, Mayhem, Saint Vitus, Pallbearer

Genre: Blackened Doom/Death

Album Lineup: Devin Vansickle (vocals), Joel Leonard (guitars), Jacek Leja (bass)

Old Whiskey Funeral Track Listing:
“No Lives Matter” (4:40)
“Stoned, Drunk, and Ready to Die” (5:50)
“Morgue Whore” (3:36)
“The World Shines Less Bright Today” (5:11)
“SerpentLord” (1:29)

Release Date: May 1, 2017

Label: Asylum Inc. Records

Old Whiskey Funeral Bandcamp Link:

Old Whiskey Funeral Facebook:


Written by Geoff Teach for Bloodrock Media on May 8, 2017
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