Polish progressive death metalers Obsolence graced us with their latest EP, Inner Voice, on March 12, 2017.

Inner Voice is comprised of five somber yet bold tracks that create a rather eclectic meshing of rock and metal styles.  Borrowing elements of alternative rock, grunge, and good ol’ fashioned death metal, this introspective EP manages to take familiar styles and turn them on their ass.  While some may be thrown off by the slow paced, clean vocals over shredding musical score, Inner Voice, is actually a very interesting take on the style melding.  The vocals and bass are very rock/grung-ish, while the guitars and drums dominate with their high energy black metal elements.  Slower, more melodic breakdowns in tracks like “Inner Voice” and “Reborn” may take a second to adjust to but once you do, you realize just how musically talented Obsolence truly is.

The constant switching between the more cool, dark style, and up tempo aggression really provides Obsolence the space needed to show what differentiates their styles and ability from similar bands like Katatonia or MastodonInner Voice is not typical metal-fare, but there is a reason ice cream shops serve more than just chocolate and vanilla ice cream, variety; and sometimes variety comes by way of grunge, progressive rock, and black metal wrapped in one killer EP.  Fans of rock, grunge, progressive, black, or even death metal seeking something different, Inner Voice may hit the spot!  

1. Inner Voice
2. Reborn
3. Calcaneus (Masquerade)
4. The Power Behind the Throne Part II
5. Silent Scream


Dawid “Wilku” Staręga – Vocals & Bass
Jan “Janusz'” Jakubowski – Guitar
Artur “Jankes” Jankowski – Guitar
Łukasz “Luke” Dymowski – Drums

Check out Obsolence here:


Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on May 6, 2017
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