Death metal icons Obituary released their self-titled album on March 17th, marking the tenth album for the Floridians. The term icon is not used lightly, forming in 1984, the guys in Obituary lead the charge of a new era in heavy metal. An era of destruction, pandemonium, and brutality.

Their newest release, Obituary, is bursting at the seams with furor, adrenaline, and savagery, exactly what these guys do best. Tracks like “End it Now” and “Kneel Before Me” are heavy as cast iron balls; a thrash metal hurricane packed with heavy, ripping guitar riffs, perfectly complimenting the brutal gutteral vocals. “Straight to Hell”, a bit slower than the rest of the album, has almost a hardcore ambiance instrumentally; a bit slower than the rest of the tracks on the album. A mid-paced chug that evolves into a killer guitar solo, and then into a wicked breakdown. This track is a genius way to wind down the album.

Obituary is like a punch in the face, one that will appeal to all heavy metal fans. The guys pulled out all the stops on this album, instrumentally will bewitch fans; entrancing them with their fast-paced thrashy guitar licks, bass that is perfectly paired with the drums, and swift, clean sweeping solos, all while maintaining the traditional old-school death metal style. Obituary has managed to freshen up their sound without ‘selling out’ or trying to be something they are not. Overall, Obituary is a monster of an album and if you are a metal fan at all, it is a must purchase this year.

Listen to the full album stream of Obituary here:

1. Brave
2. Sentence Day
3. A Lesson in Vengeance
4. End it Now
5. Kneel Before Me
6. It Lives
7. Betrayed
8. Turned to Stone
9. Straight to Hell
10. Ten Thousand Ways to Die
11. No Hope

John Tardy / Vocals
Donald Tardy / Drums
Trevor Peres / Rhythm Guitar
Kenny Andrews / Lead Guitar
Terry Butler / Bass Guitar

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Written by Jaybee McCleskey for Bloodrock Media on April 5, 2017
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