Obelyskkh, the German psychedelic doom metal band, released their album The Providence on June 2, 2017, courtesy of Exile on Mainstream Records. This is the band’s first release since their album Hymn to Pan in 2013. At first, the band had vowed that they wouldn’t be working with record labels – until they realized that their fandom was growing and it was time to spread the love.

“The Providence” will open up the album, immediately jumping into hard riffs partnered with deep, male vocals and crashing drums to present a song that extends the lengthy, dark talents of the band. “Raving Ones” presents almost electrical guitars to start, with the guitar and bass blending to create a deep, heavy sound before being accompanied by accentuating drums and vocals. “NYX” will launch right into crashing drums and heavy riffs, a groove-filled track that will induce involuntary headbanging and your best metal face while doing so – before slowing down to a head nodding beat to give your neck a break, and picking right back up again. “Marzanna”, the track wrapping up the album, starts off a little slower – an almost pretty riff (okay, it is pretty, but maybe that isn’t metal enough for you) greeting you to start, leading you into a buildup of expectations before the drums begin and the music picks up. This track was a perfect pick to seal this album up – the slow start to the heavy build up displays again the range that these musicians have on their side.

Obelyskkh is a band of substance – and that is made evident on this album which boasts tracks full of vocal ranges and lengthy compositions which display the talent this foursome possesses. From winding melodies to groove-filled beats, there are no two tracks on this album that sound alike. From the start of the first song to the end of the last one, this album is exciting and entertaining. Go pick it up, listen to it on full volume, and thank me later. 

The Providence
Raving Ones
Northern Lights
Aeons Of Iconoclasm

Crazy Woitek – Vocals, guitar
Dirty Dave – Bass, keyboard
Stuart West (The Whizkid) – Guitar, keyboard
Steve Paradise (The Krusher) – Drums

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Bloodrock Rating:  4.0 out of 5.0 axes

Written by Har-Lena Quinn for Bloodrock Media on June 17, 2017


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