NYN is a prog/tech death group that was originally a solo project (Noyan Tokgozoglu), but then evolved into a group with 3 members. They will be releasing their newest album Entropy: Of Chaos and Salt on August 11, 2017. This beyond technical outfit exceedingly proves that no matter the speed of an album, there is still a sense of composure and rhythm to it. NYN classifies as prog/tech death, but I’m personally convinced they have created their own genre.

Utilizing high-pitched keyboard tones to harmonize with the guitars, keyboardist Jimmy Pitts is an exceptional musician, I have yet to hear a keyboardist in a band such as this use keys in such a creative way. At times, in tracks such as “The Apory of Existence”, there are sporadic but tasteful keyboard solos, acting as a distorted guitar using a sweep picking technique. The tendency of this healthy use of the keys brings the whole album together, acting as the “glue” to each track, making them stick together and flow beautifully. As for the vocals, Noyan Tokgozoglu hits each classic vocal technique, but also adds his own taste and tone to his music by almost screeching or using a dissonant/tritone effect in his voice. In songs such as “Omnipotence Paradox”, the singing tone is choir-esque, and at times has a strange but well rounded reverb – extremely powerful and in-your-face. The effect this has only conjures a wider spectrum the album has to offer. In the song “Dissimulating Apologia”, the intro starts with primitive throat singing and a somewhat off-key keyboard tone, and paces itself into a drum and bass solo, then quickly jumps into the tech death ritual. The polar opposite use of not only musical, but demographic reach is unlike any other. Each influence heard off of this album is obvious, but guitarists (Noyan and Tom) put their own twist on it; blending their own genius techniques to what’s usually done much more generically. In tracks such as “Rebirth: Rebuild, Advance, Redo”, the song will almost induce anxiety at the end with a constant high-pitched build and a massive, behemoth sized reign of technical guitar riffs with blast beats that are probably damn near 900 BPM.

NYN have created truly the epitome of overwhelming music that will take you on a spiritual journey through hell.  Make sure to pick up your copy of Entropy: Of Chaos and Salt on August 11th.

Bloodrock Rating:  4 of 5 axes.

The Mind Inverted
The Apory of Existence
Omnipotence Paradox
Dissimulating Apologia
Rebirth: Rebuild, Advance, Redo
Embrace Entropy
The Hallway
Taken Away By The Tides

Noyan Tokgozoglu – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Programming
Tom “Fountainhead” Geldschlager – Lead Guitar
Jimmy Pitts – Keys

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Written by Jay McCleskey for Bloodrock Media on July 7, 2017