Detroit, MI – On Friday, September 29th Nothing More supported by My Ticket Home, Palisades, and Hell or High Water stopped in Detroit on the The Stories We Tell Ourselves Tour.

Unfortunately we missed Hell or High Water due to traffic heading to downtown Detroit.  Annette Bilek (guest writer for Bloodrock Media, vocalist for Through Our Eyes and Mark’s sister) caught their set and said they were really good.  She thought their cover of Outkast’s I’m Sorry Miss Jackson was phenomenal.  I was a bit bummed to have missed it.  Brandon Saller, the vocalist for Hell or High Water, is also the drummer and clean vocals for Atreyu, so knowing this, they have to be good.   Hell or High Water’s sophomore release, Vista, is available now, so make sure to snag a copy!

Next up was Palisades, this our second time seeing these post-hardcore Jersey boys perform.  The first time was at the Machine Shop (Flint, MI) in support of Lacey Sturm’s solo album tour.  The first time we saw them, they were extremely impressive, Louis Miceli’s vocals were on point.  Sadly, that was not the case this time around.  I couldn’t tell if it was the sound guy (we blame THAT guy for everything) or if Miceli was battling a cold, but his vocals seemed a bit off key and the band seemed sloppy.  Then, a miracle occurred on their last song of the night, the Palisades I had enjoyed before was before me.  Their Octane hit Let Down was performed flawlessly, Miceli’s vocals were tip top, and the band was on fire.  I hope if Miceli was sick that he is feeling better.

My Ticket Home took the stage and holy shit!  I really, really enjoyed them.  I had never heard of the band before so I checked them out a bit before the show (I was supposed to interview them but their PR never confirmed….*tisk tisk*) and I really liked them.  They are one of those bands that are even better live, so kudos!  The guys refer to their sounds as puke rock, not really sure what that means but I can dig it.  If you haven’t heard these guys before, definitely check them out.  They released their latest album, Unreal, earlier this year.  They kind of straddle genres of metal and rock, not cookie cutter but still chill enough for the radio.

And then it was time for our glorious headliner, Nothing More.  I have never witnessed another human with so much energy in my life as Jonny Hawkins.  Shirtless and barefoot, he takes the stage and you can feel his intensity fill the room.  A moshpit opens up (so weird having a moshpit for Nothing More but whatever) and then suddenly I fly backwards, a gigantic man (literally 6’5″+ and 300lbs) had become airborne and his knee caught me right in the gut.  I was so focused on Nothing More’s performance I wasn’t paying attention, so somehow I missed him flying toward me.  After I almost puked and I caught my breath, I moved to the back of the venue.  I thought my spleen was ruptured to be honest, but what is a concert without a little injury?  And I would do it all over again.  Nothing More is flawless.  Jonny even jumped on his weird contraption that we saw at Rock on the Range this summer.  They ended the night with their non-encore song (they don’t do encores) and the rest as they say is history.

Nothing More is always amazing.  Jonny’s vocal abilities are tremendous and the band’s sound is so huge, it takes your breath away.  Check out this tour if it stops in a town near you!

You can check out the photos from the show by selecting the band’s galleries below:
Nothing More
My Ticket Home


Written by April Baggins for Bloodrock Media on October 4, 2017