If you have ever thought about drinking a beer with someone famous, Nitrogods are the guys you have always wanted! Get ready to crack open a cold one with your new beer drinking bad ass southern rock go-to Nitrogods. Ripped right out of the 90’s metal scene and slathered in that good old southern rock feeing this band leaves nothing to be wanted. From the very top of the album you get that notion of sitting in a smoky bar, everyone with a whisky or a beer, and the band on stage tuning up getting ready to let it all out.

With a flip of a switch these three southern rock metal rebels turn you onto what is quite possibly one of the best albums to hit shelves in 2017. So, grab your buddies and get ready to head on down the road to the Roadkill BBQ an honestly amazing collection of 14 tracks of gritty vocals and smooth riffs. With tastes of Motörhead and AC/DC this is absolutely not your momma’s old school rock. Literally every single track is just another shade of perfection from this band.

Taking it from the top Nitrogods and their album single “Rancid Rock” absolutely tears the roof off of the place welcoming you to exactly the spirit of their album, with bits of shred, bits of heavy kick, and a stunning vocal lead to wrap this trio together. Touring through the album you will bob your head along forgetting that you have went from one track to the next. Smashing through the album you will run into what is quite possibly one of my favorite songs in 2017, “Bad Place Wrong People”, everything about this song makes you want to turn it up and get that head moving from the catchy chorus, to the lightly darker and more metal feeling riff work. This is the embodiment of modern southern rock, and man oh man do they do it to you on every turn, need something a bit more patriotic get to “The Price of Liberty” with is heavy chop filled intro and constant nonstop guitar and bass chop fest. To the absolutely best way to wrap up a beer drinking album “Did Jesus Turn Water Into Beer” which makes you question everything you have ever thought about what a real beer drinking tune is…

Ladies and gentlemen, if you intend to drink beer at all in 2017, you had better do it in the amazing company of Nitrogods, and their stunning contribution to the music world Roadkill BBQ.


Bloodrock Rating:  4.0 out of 5.0 axes

Written by Evan Hulbert for Bloodrock Media on June 29, 2017