What happens when you take a bunch of smooth Finnish pimps, mix in some serious metal, and a ton of charisma? You end up with a grease lightning slick band like melodic metalers, Nicumo, who are set to release their album Storms Arise on July 7, 2017 courtesy of Inverse Records.

From the very beginning of Storms Arise, vocalist Hannu Karppinen’s velvety style is entrancing.  His crooning leaves you wide open for the sonic attacks of surprisingly hard hitting tracks like “Unholy War”, “Old World Burning” and more as the album progresses.  Self described as “melancholic metal”, Nicumo definitely achieves the power to evoke and sway emotion through powerful rhythm, slashing riffs, and an amazing blend of solid clean melodic vocals, containing just enough roars to get the pulse racing. Even the more hyper-aggressive tracks like “Guilt” and “If This Is Your God, I Don’t Need One” despite hitting like sledgehammers, are inescapably suave.

Storms Arise will be met with explosive buzz and we wouldn’t doubt that it finds its way to the top of the “must have metal albums” of the summer.  Fans of bands like TesseracT, Pagan’s Mind, and In Flames or really anyone that genuinely enjoys rock solid vocals be they clean or growled will absolutely fall in love with Storms Arise. So don’t miss out when Nicumo’s sophomore effort drops on July 7th.

01. The Dawn
02. Old World Burning
03. Beyond Horizon
04. Unholy War
05. Death, Let Go
06. Guilt
07. Poltergeist
08. If This Is Your God, I Don’t Need One
09. Sirens
10. Aiolos
11. Dream Too Real

Hannu Karppinen – Vocals
Atte Jääskelä – Guitars
Tapio Anttiroiko – Guitars
Sami Kotila – Bass
Aki Pusa – Drums

Check out Nicumo here:


Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on 5/12/2017
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