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Born among the cold fury and paralyzing darkness of an Icelandic winter, Nexion has come to unleash the musical forces of the occult upon us all. Nexion takes crafting devastating brutal death metal very seriously as we see across the tunes that craft their debut self-titled EP. That focus definitely comes through in each of the album’s four tracks and this is one rager you aren’t gonna wanna gloss over.

For starters considering this band has only officially been together for a year, the production on the album itself as far as song structure and sound quality is amazing. Typically speaking when most bands are a bit on the green side, playing together when they drop an EP it shows and you have to take that into consideration while you analyze it.

With Nexion that is not the case at all.   They nailed it from their pacing, technique, and overall end result.  It is obvious that these are guys who truly love the genre and take their musicianship very seriously. For example vocalist Josh Rood’s lyrics, while the doom and gloom and low roars are all pretty much standard for the genre, he doesn’t simply rely on just sounding pissed to get his point across.

Even his more simplistic lyrics on the track “Of the Coiling Void”, “and I wake. I wake with visions none should see. And I know. I know what the living cannot know.” are dramatic without being over the top and skillfully craft the grim, vile world Nexion is attempting (and succeeding) to create. Then there’s things like the phenomenal riffs on “Of the Pestwielder” (but really throughout the EP in general) that know when to stay heavy and creepy but a tad more subtle and when to kick it into high gear and sear your soul.

Nexion is easily one of the most impressive black metal EPs to drop in 2017.  I’d frankly find it pretty laughable for any fan of the genre (or just solid real metal in general for that matter) to argue otherwise. Hell the last 2 minutes of “Of Final Throes of Creation” in itself is ridiculously sick, one the best closers on a black metal album I’ve heard in a long time.

So anyone with a lick of good sense is gonna wanna add this EP to their collection especially now while it’s piping hot fresh so you get the added bonus of looking like you know shit your friends don’t about actually good upcoming music.

1.Of Genesis
2.Of the Coiling Void
3.Of the Pestwielder
4.Of the Final Throes of Creation

Kári Pálsson-Bass
Óskar Rúnarsson-Guitar
Jóhannes Smári Smárason-Guitar
Josh Rood-Vocals
Sigurður Jakobsson-Drums

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Bloodrock Rating:  4.5 out of 5.0 axes

Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on 7/25/2017


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