Out of Finland comes Nemecic, a five- piece juggernaut in training! I tried to find out more about them but there is surprisingly little on their Facebook – get to work on that guys! That said, there isn’t much that can be said about this band that would really do them any service. The album was recorded at Sound Spiral Studios in January 2017, and the result speaks for itself; fellas, it fuckin’ rocks.

The singer’s name is Henry, who spends his free time covering songs on YouTube. Out of this, you’d imagine, he’s done some sick covers of Lamb Of God or Deicide, and, while you’d partly be right, you’d mostly be wrong. I took a peek and saw that this dude did a DISNEY song, and did it pretty damned well.  The kid can sing, son. And he’s got quite a set of pipes. He’s also in the band Shade Empire, who are currently signed to Spinefarm Records. Pretty cool.

The rest of the band isn’t too bad either. In fact, this whole album plows through ten songs of holy shit my ears are bleeding metal. You’ll immediately notice hints of Arch Enemy. Henry’s voice just has that timbre sometimes, and the band has a driving bluntness that mirrors Arch Enemy’s own. I also heard some Resurrection- era Chimaira and Slayer in there.

The good thing about this band is they don’t get boring. Even the best bands these days can let a lull sink into their disks, but Nemecic didn’t do that. Like a good Fox News scandal story, when they feel like you’ve gotten used to the gutteral growls, they change it up and suddenly Henry is doing something else. Be it a Lamb Of God kind of burbling growl (like in “Requiem”), some singing, or throwing in some shredding solos, the band doesn’t let you get bored. And they don’t do any one thing persistently, so every song goes to a new place, which is nice.

If I have a gripe, it’s the overall sound. In my opinion, it should be brighter. The mix is solid, but when it was mastered, it was left kind of dry. Also, and this is a very minor thing, there’s a couple moments where ol’ Hank is going nuts on the mic and for a split second, you can hear his voice cack out JUST A LITTLE. That is, however, where my griping ends. The whole thing is pretty solid, and that’s why I’m giving this bitch a 4 out of 5 axes.

The Deathcantation drops September 1st.

FFO: Lamb Of God, Arch Enemy, Soilwork.

Band Lineup:
Henry Hämäläinen – Vocals
Pasi Rajakallio – Guitar
Tuomo Salonen – Guitar
Emil Borg – Bass
Niko Anttila – Drums

Track list:
01. Locomotive Tomb
02. Smoke Electric
03. Mercury Vortex Ritual
04. Fields Of Glass
05. Void
06. The Automaton
07. Apotheosis
08. The Great Dissonance
09. Ouroboros
10. Clockwork

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Written by Hobbes Caltous for Bloodrock Media on August 11, 2017