‘Menacing’ and ‘fast’, those are the two words that come to mind first, well right after ‘Holy Shit!’. This is absolute in your face, skull splitting, spine breaking death metal. Insert 3 men known as Necrot and their latest offering to the dark gods of metal Blood Offerings 8 tracks of deep, dark, fast paced unadulterated Death Metal. Released June of 2017 Blood Offerings is absolutely here to decimate any who would oppose them in their path of metal domination.

This is not for the weak of heart, Necrot aims each track at you with a different high speed, down tuned assortment of shreds and blasts. Kicking the door open with “The Blade” and its up and down super quick shred fest of an intro! Leading you down a dark spiral of non-stop head banging literally from 0:01 of the track. And by the 3 minute mark of “The Blade” you will completely consumed by the whole album. When you hit “Blood Offerings” the title track half way through the album by this time you will have already realized how serious of a commitment this album is. The level of precision involved in each individual musician as they weave dark undertones with higher riffs, seamlessly at high speed to create this 5-and-a-half-minute pit frenzy. With a grueling break down dead in the middle of the track walking you to the end, you can almost feel the pit circle around you, feeling the sweat on your brow, the smell of the dust in the air, and the feeling of camaraderie from all of the other predators in the pit as they circle waiting to strike. Then to help pull the album to a close you have an insatiable “Breathing Machine” coming at you, with its grimy, sludge covered intro.

In a world full of bad music and pop sensations Necrot give you Blood Offerings, testing the limits of the death metal realm. Each song is filled with massive fast riffs and deep wrenching vocals that are sure to captivate, and a drummer that is nearly a clock with how precise his timing is switching seamlessly from blast beat to fill back to blast. To be honest, when I first sat down to dig into the album it was the fresh start to the day, and literally with in just minutes I found my self full of energy and bouncing in my chair as I set in on an amazing discovery that is Necrot. And to top it off, this is local to me? Well clearly I’ll be making my way to the next Necrot show to take in the full energy of what is already a massive music experience.

So, my suggenstion to you *points finger at all the people into death metal* is to get up and go find yourself some Necrot and be ready to bang your head uncontrollably for the next hour of your life and experience some of the purest death metal to touch ground in 2017. And you’re welcome in advance for the suggestion.


Blood Offerings Tracklist
1: The Blade
2: Rather Be Dead
3: Shadows And Light
4: Blood Offerings
5: Empty Hands
6: Beneath
7: Breathing Machine
8: Layers Of Darkness

Necrot Lineup
Vocals / Bass – Luca Indrio
Guitar – Sonny Reinhardt
Drums – Chad Gailey



Rating:  4/5 Axes


Written by Evan Hulbert for Bloodrock Media on August 13, 2017