Necrocosm first dropped Damnation Doctrine back in 2015 and are poised to make a resurgence now, but the only thing on your mind when you listen to this is “how the hell did I not own this when it first dropped?” and making Tyrone Biggums memes asking for more of this Necrocosm badassery. Seriously, this album is as ridiculous as the first time you heard Lamb of God’s As the Palaces Burn or Black Dahlia Murder’s Miasma ridiculous.

When the intro track “Damnation” got started I was like “okay this seems like a good start.” Then “Sworn Hatred” kicks in and it moves up to a “damn this is good.” Then “Architects of Death” hits and it ramps up to a “this shit is hype as fuck, homie.”  It’s like an express elevator to the top floor of badass-dom. Once Necrocosm gets fired up they just don’t let up, and it’s amazing. Damnation Doctrine reads like a “how-to” guide for young guys busting into the melo-death metal scene. The riffs are tight, slashing and intricate, the bass and drums are just straight up vicious, not to mention the extremely well done vocal highs and lows. I’ll admit that the band was formed in 2011 so it gave them some time to get their shit together before dropping a full length but for starters, it’s actually a full length not just a pretty dope EP and second, there are hundreds of bands who’ve been out way longer and still haven’t stepped their game up to this level.

With 10 beast mode tracks, this is the black metal/death metal/melodic death metal album you’ve been looking for. Listen to it yourself and if you didn’t know from reading about it, it’d be almost impossible to hear this and think “well that’s a good first album”, because debuts are rarely on this level. Buy this album and jam it for all your friends because that’s what good friends do and the Damnation Doctrine is just that damn good.

2.Sworn Hatred
3.Architects of Death
5.Octopian Eclipse
7.Hypnagogic Gait
8.Force Fed Progeny
10.Plains of Inexistence

Zach Senicola – Vocals
Kevin Spivey – Guitar
Adam Walker – Drums
Matt Brocking – Bass
Joel Frazier – Guitar

Check out Necrocosm here:


Bloodrock Rating:  5.0 out of 5.0 axes

Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on July 13, 2017