A brutal, death/thrash metal quartet coming straight out of Iceland, Narthraal is set to release their album, Screaming From the Grave on May 26th via Inverse Records. Narthraal immediately brings to mind such metal gods as Slayer and Death.

Considering Screaming From the Grave is the band’s first full length album, fans may not be quite sure what to expect when they hit play, but as soon as “Death of the Undying” begins, it is apparent the caliber of musicians Narthraal are……explosive, intense, and laden with heavy groove.  The track “Descent into Darkness”  starts out with take no prisoners guitar shredding and just keeps on getting better. Narthraal nails the ability to make each song wholly unique, all the while maintaining the vibe of rebellion, hyper aggression, and crafting a style that is absolutely their own. The overall tone of Screaming From the Grave is a staunch stance against the ‘evils’ of conformity like capitalist greed and the corruption of organized religion, mixed with beautiful necromantic poetry extremely heavy European metal is known for.  Their grittiness is highlighted particularly in the shred heavy album’s closer “Dismember the Entombed”, Narthraal brings the best parts of old school metal, banging drums, tight solos, bludgeoning breakdowns/outros, and shows the generation of metalers have what it takes to stand neck and neck with the forefathers of thrash.

Harnessing and enhancing the brutality of their previous EPs, Blood Citadel (2014) and Chainsaw Killing Spree (2016), is not an easy feat, but Screaming From the Grave does exactly that; the entire album is good ol’ fashioned all thrills, no thrills death metal.  Narthraal doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel with Screaming From the Grave but if it isn’t broken, no need to fix it.  Bottom line in the era of genre blending, multiple vocalists, emphasis on clean vocals, and backing tracks, Narthraal just brings some straight up brutality, with its own personality, and lack of compromise and in turn crafts an amazing death/thrash metal album for fans of the genre.  So grab your copy this week!

1.Death of the Undying
2.Screaming From the Grave
3.Million Graves to Fill
4. Worldwide Destruction
5. Envy
6.Descent into Darkness
7.Blood Path
8.Symbiosis of Hate
9.Feed the Pig
10.Dismember the Entombed

Vocals/Bass: Viktor Penalver
Rhythm Guitar: Antonio Aguilar
Lead Guitar: Birkir Karason
Drums: Jónas Haux

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Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on May 14, 2017