A lot of pretty great music comes from Australia, so when I heard that five guys from Melbourne calling themselves Naberus released The Lost Reveries through Eclipse Records, I was pretty stoked to hear it. Influenced by melodic death and thrash metal, the band actually manages to weave those two together pretty well, and it absolutely stands out among the obscene number of metal subgenres out there today. The energy that the band puts into the music definitely shows itself in a lot of different ways.

Opening with the track “Drones”, vocalist James Ash shifts between screams, growls, and clean singing effortlessly. The dueling guitars from Dan Ralph and Dante Thomson add to this in a unique way, each guitarist playing off the other – on one end, a heavy, drop tuned sound, and on the other, a fantastic melody. The drumming is intense. It’s a great example of a band that knows how to work together while adding their own individual influences into the mix. Another example of this is the track “Voices”, mixing a heavy verse with a cleaner chorus that manages to still hit hard. The great thing about this album as a whole is that the harsher vocals still remain coherent. You don’t have to struggle to figure out just exactly what Ash is singing about, which I find incredibly refreshing.

“Dirge for Sanity” is an instrumental with a good melody, and is just an incredibly powerful track all around. “Darkest Day” opens with an acoustic groove which is quickly overpowered by screaming vocals and a heavy riff, which in turn moves to a melodic and catchy chorus. “Unmasked” is definitely a track that stands out, if only for that heavy groove in the intro. The rest of the song is great too, but that intro is where it’s at. It’s just the thing to get you pumped up while playing video games or working out. “Vultures” stands out on the album as well, as it deviates from the rest of the album’s standard “verse, chorus, verse” formula with a more raw thrash sound. “Torch the Sky”, the album’s single, starts with a simple groove, flowing into aggressive vocals that move a mile a minute, and a catchy chorus which you could easily get caught singing along with as it gets stuck in your head. “Reveries” closes up the album nicely, mixing some thrashy instrumentals with a powerhouse chorus.

The Lost Reveries probably isn’t for everyone. Some of the more hardcore metal fans may or may not be put off by the clean vocals. Some may find it too stale, sticking with the same formula that so many other bands have done time and time again. The “verse, chorus, verse” formula that Naberus uses throughout the album isn’t necessarily a bad thing, in my opinion. It’s an age-old formula, and not every new album has to be groundbreaking. While it never hurts to try new things, there’s definitely something to be said for sticking with what works, and doing it well. It’s heavy without being overwhelming. It’s familiar without being mundane. It dares to say that a metal album can have clean parts and melodic pieces and still be an absolute powerhouse. Naberus are definitely going places, and this album proves it.

Close Your Eyes
Torch the Sky
The Fallen
Darkest Day
Dirge for Sanity
Walk the Streets

James Ash – Vocals
Dan Ralph – Guitars
Dante Thomson – Guitars
Jordan Mitchell – Bass
Chris Sheppard – Drums

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Written by Mitch Ellerbrock for Bloodrock Media on October 2, 2017