Life On Standby, the sophomore album of rockers My Own Ghost, drops April 17th, courtesy of Secret Entertainment. With all the buzz their first album, Love Kills (2014) generated, it is certain the Luxembourg natives are eager to see how big of a splash their follow-up makes.  Life On Standby is catchy, quirky, radio friendly, and tells the tale of many the people who watch life pass them by not living it to the fullest.

Far too often female fronted bands try too hard to compensate in a male-dominated field, while completely understandable, not every group is going to be an Arch Enemy or Butcher Babies. The truth is not every female singer in a rock band needs to be either, Life On Standby is an excellent example of that. Self awareness is an invaluable and powerful thing.
Life On Standby is a great callback to the female fronted alt-rock bands of the late 90s. Reminiscent of bands like L7, early Bjork/The SugarCubes (albeit more linear) or later groups like Evanescence. The earnest vocals, jazz rock inspired riffs, and electronic elements work very well together. Tracks like “Don’t Say You Love Me”, “Everytime I Break”, and the album’s debut single “Life On Standby”, clearly showcase the band’s talent and abilities, which is quite refreshing.  Life On Standby is a solid rock release and is totally worth a listen.

1. Life On Standby
2. Everytime I Break
3. Alive
4. 10 Weeks Of Summer
5. If I Stay
6. Don’t Say You Love Me
7. No Air
8. The Night Before I Die
9. When Love Is Not Enough
10. Hope

Julie Rodesch – Vocals
Fred Brever – Guitars
David Soppelsa – Guitars
Joe May – Bass
Michael Stein – Drums

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The band just released a music video for the track “Life on Standby” and it can be seen here:
Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on March 10, 2017
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