Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Motherslug played their first gig in 2012, and have since released two separate EPs which were combined into a full-length album. The Electric Dunes of Titanthen, is their first true full-length album since that effort. Somewhat appropriately released on Halloween, here we have an album that’s part psychedelic, part doom metal, and part stoner rock. Let’s break it down.

It opens up slowly and steadily with “Downriver”, which really feels like an eight-minute long instrumental track, but it isn’t. It’s eight minutes long, but it’s not an instrumental track; the vocals just don’t come in for a little over three minutes. Overall, it’s a very mellow-sounding tune. It has the powerful guitars, but it doesn’t have the speed to match. It’s definitely not the kind of song you’d blast in your car driving down the road. “Followers of the Sun” is another long one, coming in at just under eight minutes. It doesn’t take as long for the vocals to come in here, and it’s not quite as mellow, but it’s just as downtempo.

Keeping that same downtempo is “Stoned by the Light” which kind of sounds like The Doors meets Stone Temple Pilots. “Serpents” is just as mellow as “Downriver” and is almost as long. I find myself zoning out during these songs more often than not, which may or may not be the point of this album. “Serpents” picks up from time to time to break up the monotony, but I still can’t get into it. “Staring into the Sun” has a pretty nice acoustic intro under some spoken word, and it’s not until about halfway through the track that it picks up the pace.

“Tied to the Mast” is the shortest track on The Electric Dunes of Titan which is greatly disappointing because it’s also the best track. It has an even tempo but it’s still heavy, reminding me of the heavier side of grunge. I listened to this song about fifteen times in a row before I moved on to the final track “Cave of the Last God,” which is another long one. The bass on this track is fantastic, but just like most of the rest of the album, it’s dreadfully slow, at least until towards the end of the track where the intensity increases.

The Electric Dunes of Titan is pretty reminiscent of 70’s rock and 90’s grunge, combining styles of Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, and even Black Sabbath with some undertones in the style of Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chains, and Soundgarden. Overall though, it pains me to say that The Electric Dunes of Titan is pretty boring. I wanted to like this album. I really did. There were some parts of it I did enjoy, but they were just too few and far between. It’s a great album to fall asleep to, or to put on if you’re just sitting around hanging out with your buddies smoking pot, but that’s about it.

Bloodrock Rating: 2 out of 5 axes.

1.Electric Dunes of Titan
3.Followers of the Sun
4.Stoned by the Light
6.Staring at the Sun
7.Tied to the Mast
8.Cave of the Last God

Cam Crichton – Vocals
Regan Batley – Guitar
Cyn Bae – Bass
Nick Rad – Drums

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Written by Mitch Ellerbrock for Bloodrock Media on November 3, 2017