Morrow’s Memory – Take Control
Written by April Baggins for Bloodrock Media on August 15, 2016   
Five years is an eternity in the music world but as the saying goes, good things come to those who wait, and good things have happened for Detroit area alternative rockers, Morrow’s Memory, with the release of their five-track EP entitled Take Control on July 24th.  With sounds ranging from the poetic crooning of Richard Marx (circa 1989) to the technical transcendence of Tool, Morrow’s Memory, is a heaping portion of fiery passion smothered in controlled chaos with a side of  unadulterated badassery (it’s a word, trust us).
“Bloodlust” the first track on Take Control is heavy, but still has that pop catchiness.  Fans will find themselves confused on whether to bang their head or break out into ‘the Carlton’ on the dance floor.  Imagine Tool covering early Killers that is how “Bloodlust” feels.  The growls give it a bite.  The second track, “Ones and Zeros”, is that one song that will make fans fall in love with music all over again.  The intro is breathtaking, the lyrics have attitude but are still beautiful; this track is how every song should make a listener feel.  
“Sapphire”, the fourth track on the album, was actually released in early 2013 as the band’s first official music video.  Beautifully composed, “Sapphire” is pretty damn close to how lyrical and vocal perfection would sound.  It definitely has that ‘OH MY GOD’ factor and showcases the bands enormous talent.  The last track, “Find My Own Way” comes back to the heaviness of “Bloodlust”, but is more of roller coaster ride, a ride that fans won’t want to get off.  It starts out fist pumping heavy, only to slow down to a gentle sway, only to get fists pumping again…controlled chaos…gentle and passionate, yet powerful and aggressive. Absolutely flawless.  
Take Control is by far one of the most intense and stunning EPs released in the recent past.  There isn’t an age maximum or minimum, or a specific genre of music fan that should pick up Take Control.  The album seriously covers all of the bases from pop to rock and old and new; all of this in five tracks.  Still can’t quite figure how that is possible, but it is, and Morrow’s Memory should be very proud of the final product.  Take Control is spectacular and brilliant from start to finish and if it isn’t getting radio attention now, it definitely should and will be.