Mordenialsophomore effort The Plague has just dropped and it’s lit, fam. A metal trio who aren’t strangers to the struggle and come-up hustle. When drummer Fiebig also stepped up to handle vocal duties a la Hail The Sun style, Mordenial was truly born with 2015’s debut album Where the Angels Fall. With breakdowns and sick solos galore, this is a solid 2nd album showing that melodic death metal is indeed alive and well. Like a defiant stance letting you know Angels was just the beginning, The Plague hits hard and with a sense of style. Combining somewhat grim lyricism with heavily intoxicating guitar riffs, The Plague pretty much sells itself but let’s dive a little deeper in it, yes?

The main strength of The Plague has to be its superb guitar work. The rhythm section definitely holds it down too but the fills and solos sprinkled throughout the album have a special way of adding that little something extra the songs need to go from pretty good to pretty damn good. I’ve said this about an album before but in all honesty I’m kind of unsure as to why they didn’t take the instrumental approach. Not knocking the vocals, they aren’t half bad, but the instrumentation of this album is ridiculously good. The structure of the songs, seemingly putting greater emphasis when the guitars are really thrashing just seems like that would be the logical approach. The album is still rock solid as is, but it still begs the question…what if? It’s definitely an approach I would be intrigued to see them tackle in future efforts. As is, from start to finish The Plague is just dope. Some definite stand out tracks would include the album’s opener and album title “The Plague” (which gets bonus points because few things are as big of a letdown as the title track being “meh”), Follow the Cross” and the riff-licious “The End”.

Mordenial has crafted a solid melodic death metal album for cats who want more than just shrieking riffs and cumbersome blast beats. Instead they bring diversity and skill, blending genres of metal into something wholly unique in the melo-death/thrash banner.  The irony of this album is that despite the near nihilistic tone of the lyrics it fills you with hope that the future of metal is looking good, especially if this is what it is going to look like.

1.The Plague
2.Daylight Is Gone
3.Burning Soil
5.No Empathy
6.Save You All
7.All Has Vanished
8.Follow The Cross
10.The End

Fiebig — Vocals, Drums
Kjetil Lynghaug — Lead Guitar
Martin — Guitar, Bass

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Bloodrock Rating:  4.0 out of 5.0 axes

Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on August 1, 2017