From the darkest and dankest depths of Swedish black metal emerges Mordbrand and their first album Wilt courtesy of underground metal label Carnal Records. Wilt, released on February 24th, showcases diverse death metal mastery.

Wilt starts off a bit ‘slow’, not in tempo, just a bit of a standard, expected black metal opening but when the second track, “Delivering the Gods” begins, this is where Mordbrand begins to come into their own.  While Wilt does not stray too far from black metal or redefine the soundscape of death metal, there are sparks of sui generis.  The haunting opening of “Throes of Glorious Death” or the hypnotic breakdowns and riffs in “To Pursue Damnation”, are what separate Mordbrand from the black metal herd.

Wilt is proof that bands can take a cookie cutter genre like black metal, with strict ‘rules’ and blur the lines.  Mordbrand got creative with Wilt and yet still stay true to the black metal style.  Other black metal bands should take note, Mordbrand has taken the mundane and expected, freshened it up and propelled the game to a new level.

1. Bleed into Nought
2. Delivering the Gods
3. Worship Predation
4. At the Larvae Column
5. Throes of Glorious Death
6. To Pursue Damnation
7. Venomous Myrrh
8. Wilt
9. Give in to Oblivion

Check out Mordbrand here:

Written by Ken Kaizer on March 25, 2017 for Bloodrock Media
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