Modern Guitar Innovator FELIX MARTIN Announces “Mechanical Nations” Release Date, Track Listing and Pre-Orders
New Album Mechanical Nations out February 24, 2017
Pre-Order via iTunesAmazon & Official Website
Album art painted by Felix Martin’s mother, Soraya Martin
FELIX MARTIN performs with 14 and 16 string multi-fretboard guitars to generate a truly distinctive sound and remarkable live show! Watch a Clip Here
Berklee-trained guitarist and modern progressive/world fusion pioneer FELIX MARTIN first teased the release of his upcoming 15-track full-length album late last year. Today, Martin is pleased to reveal the title for his new album, Mechanical Nations, as well as the official art, track listing and pre-orders.
Mechanical Nations will hit stores on February 24, 2017 and is available for pre-order now via iTunesAmazon and FELIX MARTIN‘s webstore.
Mechanical Nations track listing:
1) Flashback
2) Carnatt
3) Eight Moon Headdress
4) Nomadic Tree
5) Da House Cat
6) Cosmo Basket
7) Bom
8) Bom Continues
9) Cardboard Roofs
10) Santos (feat. Angel Vivaldi)
11) Barquisimetal
12) King Zartman
13) Four Handed Giant
14) Canaima
15) Bridge Clock Disparity
Mechanical Nations was self-produced by FELIX MARTIN and mixed with Jamie King (Between The Buried And Me).
FELIX MARTIN details the motivations behind the musical content and culturally-inspired artwork for Mechanical Nations (actually hand-painted by his mother, Soraya Martin), “The artwork represents South America “Mechanized”. Many of the songs on this album are inspired by South American traditional melodies and inspired by locations that were then “Mechanized” so to say, in a progressive format. “Barquisimetal” is a good example – it is a place in Venezuela that inspired melodies and the landscape brought out that creative spark. Many South American countries, especially places like Venezuela, are heavily industrial-based economies. The hard work of the people and how it shaped the countries themselves seemed fitting for a progressive rock record. In the background of the artwork, you can see “Petare”, it’s one of the poorest neighborhoods in Caracas, but one of my favorite places in my home country Venezuela.”
Martin continues, “The overall goal with this album was to discover unique and new sounds from the electric guitar and to make an instrumental rock/metal record with a Latin spark that sounds band-based. The music ended up being more melodic and accessible for a broader audience (from the metal, to pop, to jazz etc). I also challenged myself to not use distortion, play solos, or even lead-solo melodies, as I wanted to focus on what makes me different on the guitar and put the whole band under the spotlight.”
Stay tuned for more coming soon from FELIX MARTIN leading up to the release of Mechanical Nations.
See below for some photos of Martin performing at this past weekend’s NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA:
Performing at the Dunlop booth
Photo Credit: Dunlop
Performing at Chain Reaction in Anaheim at The Guitar Collective showcase
Photo Credit: Derek Sampson
Although FELIX MARTIN‘s popularity first exploded in 2012 with the release of his Live in Boston album via Prosthetic Records, he originally began shaping his unique performance techniques at the age of just 13. His unparalleled ability to perform a striking genre-blend of metal, jazz, progressive, world and Latin music while nimbly executing it with 14 and 16-string guitars is what preserves Martin at the forefront of fusion music today.
FELIX MARTIN performs and records with guitars that he designs himself, built by different manufacturers (including his most famous guitar by Skervesen). Check out all of Martin’s guitars here, including those used on the upcoming album:  
“If ever you happened to be at a FELIX MARTIN gig, you’d know something was… different. Even if when you first walked in you didn’t immediately notice Felix was playing a 14-string instrument, one couldn’t help notice the complexity of the music, as well as the level of technique displayed.” 
– Jay Hale, Seymour Duncan blog
Felix Martin – Guitar
Kilian Duarte – Bass
Victor A. Carracedo – Drums