Mitch Ellerbrock


Music supporter.
Amateur Twitch streamer.
Tabletop gamer.
Video game enthusiast.
Unofficial world record holder.

You’ve probably never heard of me, but I’ve been doing all kinds of stuff on the internet for many years. Back in 2015 I did my first ever music interview with a somewhat well-known “nerdcore” rapper called MC Lars, which opened up a whole new doorway for me and I’ve been interviewing musicians ever since.

When I’m not streaming retro video games on Twitch under the handle ThatRadioGeek, I’m either organizing tabletop gaming events at various conventions or at concerts interviewing bands from the independent to the mainstream, and co-hosting The Jay & Brodie Show. My goal in everything I do is always to be entertaining, and to put a smile on your face.

I have a degree in radio broadcasting and communications, and plan on pursuing a journalism degree once finances allow it.

Mitch’s favorite bands are Dead Horse Trauma, Aterra Tale, and Sunflower Dead.