Media Solution – The Prelude

Written by Ken Bowden for Bloodrock Media on July 18, 2016
Italy natives, Media Solution, released their latest EP entitled The Prelude in April 2016 courtesy of Pavement Entertainment.  The Prelude is a seven track musical creation, brimming with anthems of dark fête that explore the more salacious characteristics of being human or simply put sex, sex, and sex…and more sex.
Perfect for fans of 5 Finger Death Punch and Fear Factor, The Prelude is nothing but pure, unadulterated ‘fuck you, I’m ready to fucking rage’ metal with no bullshit shortcomings.  From beginning to end The Prelude represents itself, just as it is, hard as nails with no apologies.  The fourth track, “Coward”, will let listeners know that Media Solution means business.  This track will hit fans harder than Mike Tyson.  The follow up track, “Turmoil” is just as heavy and will get fans in the pit or at the very least throwing their horns up.  Closing out the EP are strong jams “We Are the Kings” and “Enjoy the Ride”, both display remarkable bass and drum work, not to mention both are extremely head bang worthy.
The Prelude almost challenges fans to not want to throw a chair across the room or run full speed into a wall of death.  The boys in Media Solution weren’t messing around when they set out to bring something new to the metal establishment; The Prelude is hard, unforgiving, chaotic, abrasive, aggressive and awesome metal-punk-rock madness.