Let Them Fall is an Italian female fronted metalcore band. They released a single, “Wintersun”, on April 20th, through Sliptrick Records.

Female fronted metalcore bands are very uncommon; most of the time, they fall short. But Let Them Fall differs. Vocalist Rita D’aniello’s voice is so genuine and raw, she easily surpasses other male fronted metalcore groups. The tone in both the vocals and guitar build each other up infinitely, which eventually slows down with classic groovy metalcore breakdown. Let Them Fall has in a way created a sub-subgenre for themselves; I can guarantee no other band will ever sound unique as them.

I suggest all metalcore fans give a listen to “Wintersun”.


Rita D’aniello / Vocals
Gabriele Catoni / Guitar & Vocals
Mattia Detti / Guitar
Marco Manus / Drums
Mario Spatuzzi / Bass

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Written by Jay McCleskey for Bloodrock Media on June 13, 2017