New York based group Laces Out is set to release their debut self titled EP in late June. Each track is influenced in a different way; some bass driven and some more rhythmic than others. The taste overall is grainy and raw, a key ingredient to piecing together an emotional release; which Laces Out has no problem acting out.

Tracks such as “Will to Become” and “Fortunes” start off with a heavy bassline, but evolve into an almost surf-punk style; a very unique way of appealing to a wider demographic. Unique is the only adjective to even vaguely describe this release. I feel as if most punk driven bands try to hop on the more generic side of the genre, only to be drowned out by other groups that can just “do it better”. Laces Out can be classified as the same genre, but will not be held back by a cliche used by others. Just by hearing a sliver of any track, you will know that they write what they want to, they don’t play the game that the majority does.

This release comes off with a strong taste of many hybrid influences and genres, but is tastefully mixed and utilized to the best of their capabilities, which is a beautifully dissonant and emotional release. Specifically, the track “Bugs” will radiate a nostalgic feeling, which will inevitably induce goosebumps. This track especially is a hook, not only in the beginning, but from start to finish; the roundness of the bass tone, clean post-hardcore vocals, mixed with emotional chord progressions are what Laces Out nails on the head. Grab a copy of this EP – it is available now!

Will to Become
Kritzinger’s Warning
Under the Cover

Ed Ciarfella / Guitar & Vocals
Steve DeLucia / Drums
Ray Wasnieski / Bass

Check out Laces Out here:


Written by Jay McCleskey for Bloodrock Media on July 16, 2017