Comprised Of dUg Pinnick (King’s X), George Lynch (Lynch Mob/Dokken) and Ray
Luzier (Korn) Launch Pre-Order At
(New York, NY – January 5, 2017) Building
upon the success of their 2014 self-titled debut, KXM returns with their
sophomore album Scatterbrain. The new album is scheduled for release on
March 17th via Rat Pak Records. Scatterbrain is currently
available for pre-order via the Rat Pak Records website in various bundles
including signed CD’s and t-shirts. All fans who pre-order the album through
the Rat Pak website will be entered to win a one-of-a-kind custom guitar as
well as other prizes. The pre-order is available at RatPakRecords.com/KXM.  KXM
is comprised of dUg Pinnick of King’s X on vocals/bass, George Lynch of Lynch
Mob/Dokken on guitars and Ray Luzier, of Korn on drums. Scatterbrain features
13 brand new tracks and was recorded at the Steakhouse studio in North
Hollywood California. The album was produced by Chris “The Wizard” Collier
(Flotsam & Jetsam/Prong/Last In Line) who also produced the band’s 2014
From the infectious riff of the album opener “Scatterbrain” to the
outro of “Angel,” KXM have created something truly special and musically
diverse. Songs like “Breakout,” “Calypso,” and “True Deceivers” are sonically
different from each other taking the listener on a musical journey. Scatterbrain
is thematically a darker record than the debut. The album builds upon the
developed KXM rock sound but this time includes some different dynamics
drawing inspiration from prog, ska, punk and metal. Through it all, it remains
undeniably KXM.
Recorded over the span of 10 days, every song on Scatterbrain was
the result of a musical jam from all three members playing together in the same
room. Ray Luzier explains on the process, “We wanted to use the same formula as
the 1st KXM record: book studio time, come in fresh every day with a new
idea & run with it and not over think anything.” George Lynch described the
sessions as Record-topia: “we showed up in the studio, camped out with a bunch
of gear and let the tape roll! Just like the first album, no pre-production, no
rehearsal, no pre-written songs.” dUg Pinnick adds: “The vibe was like a bunch
of old friends having fun creating music like the previous record, nothing but
The track listing for Scatterbrain is:
01. Scatterbrain
02. Breakout
03. Big Sky Country
04. Calypso
05. Not a Single Word
06. Obsession
07. Noises In The Sky
08. Panic Attack
09. It’s Never Enough
10. True Deceivers
11. Stand
12. Together
13. Angel

KXM formed in early 2013
when dUg, George and Ray spoke about trying to jam together. At the time it
wasn’t clear what would come from those jams. The only thing that was clear was
that these 3 musicians, at the top of their game, wanted to play together. The self-titled
debut, KXM, was released on March 11, 2014 and debuted at #31 on the
Billboard 200. The band takes its name from the combination of the member’s
other projects: K from Korn, X from King’s X and M from Lynch Mob. In a world
that constantly searches for new and unique music, KXM delivers all the power
and punch that one would expect from these high level players.