It was Friday, April 14th, and time for another ROCK SHOW, this time around at the 5th Quarter Lounge in Indianapolis, Indiana.   On the roster are:  After the Falling, Kirra, The Veer Union, Smile Empty Soul, and Saving Abel.  I arrived to the venue a bit early in order to converse with some of the hilarious guys in The Veer Union on important topics such as candy, nacho cheese, and Canadians.
A local band, After the Falling (ATF), started the evening out right with a crowd full of energetic, ATF t-shirt wearing fans.   It was great to see so many fans there early enough to catch the opener; it’s something that doesn’t happen nearly enough.
Next up was the rookie quartet; hailing from Oklahoma City, Kirra. These guys were absolutely extraordinary; their drummer, Zach Stafford, is a mere 19 years old.  The fact that they are barely out of high school and relatively new was not obvious at all.  So much talent, I am willing to bet that these guys are only going to get better (if that’s possible) and continue to establish their fan base and eventually (sooner, very soon) headline their own tour.
The Veer Union, an obvious favorite of the ladies at 5th Quarter Lounge, went on third.  With all of the estrogen execretors front and center, the group began their incredible set; which included a cover of the Faith No More’s “Epic” and ending with their well-known hit “Seasons”.  You can see this life changing interview on our website ( or on Youtube (
Next up were the gents of Smile Empty Soul; whom definitely didn’t disappoint and as everyone in attendance had hoped, the guys filled the venue with all their familiar tunes from their previous hit albums, “Smile Empty Soul” (2003), “Vultures” (2006), and “Consciousness” (2009).  It was a delightful adventure down memory lane for the crowd; as I looked around I could see wall to wall fans singing along and banging their heads.  Ryan Martin, the bassist, stole the show with his powerful solos.  From a photography point of view, he was my favorite to shoot; his love of what he does and the fans is obvious while he is performing, passion emanates from his every pore.   Although, it was great to hear all of their old songs; it was awesome to hear brand new tracks from their recently released EP, “Shapeshifter” (April 2016).
Closing out the night, with an impressive a set that lasted more than hour, was Saving Abel.  Despite many fans leaving before their set, Saving Abel still rocked the house; giving the crowd an energetic mix of old and newer tunes.  And the fans enjoyed every minute of it, obvious from the sound of everyone in the room singing along.