Australian thrash metal outfit King Parrot are at it again with their third full length album Ugly Produce. It’s definitely got an interesting sound, if I’m being nice about it. A little bit thrash, a little bit punk, and a little drunken stupor. When I saw King Parrot live not long ago, and I saw the raw energy they brought to the stage and the crowd, I was kind of excited to review this album. What I heard when I listened to the album, however, was not the same experience.

It opens up with “Entrapment,” which was one of the first songs written for the record. As soon as the track started, I was impressed with how heavy it hits, except for the unnecessarily long rest in the intro. It’s got a hardcore punk vibe, at least where the instrumentals are concerned. If the vocals matched, it’d be a great song. Instead, it’s an awkward mix of punk meets death metal, which kind of sets the tone for the rest of the album. The next track is called “Piss Wreck,” and it’s a commentary on – you guessed it – being a piss wreck (Australian slang for someone who’s had far too much to drink). It’s definitely heavy; the drumming on this track is especially stellar. “Disgrace Yourself” makes fun of people pursuing stardom, and it’s just as hard hitting as the previous tracks. The speed levels here are high, and the riffs are insane. “All Hail the Grub,” which was the last song written for the record, comments on people making your life difficult for the sake of making your life difficult. Guitarist Andrew “Squiz” Livingstone-Squires based the structure of the song on “I Don’t Care About You” by Fear. The punk rock infused “Ten Pounds of Shit in a Five Pound Bag” is a high velocity, ridiculous mess of sounds that surprisingly comes together very well, and is one of the better tracks on the album. “Scattered” is up next, and this track oozes raw energy. It builds the frantic tension for the second half of the record with its blinding speed. “Now It Stokes Frenzy” is just as raw, if a bit off, as vocalist Matthew “Youngy” Young rips off Damaged just a little bit here, but at least he admits it. “Numb Skull” attempts to take a jab at Western medicine, sporting a heavy punk sound and a pounding breakdown at the end. “Die Before You Die” completely throws away the punk infusion of previous tracks and is all thrash and speed. The chorus slows down ever so slightly with a chant of “Die Before You Die!” (whatever the hell that means) and a long flourish and fade out in the track’s final moments. Finally, we have “Spookin’ the Animals” which is the longest track on the album. That doesn’t say much, because each track is an average of two and a half minutes long. This one probably has the mellowest riffs on the album, but that doesn’t mean this is a slow song. Far from it, in fact. The drums pound, the bass thunders, and it is still very much a heavy metal song.

Ugly Produce is, well, ugly. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s not necessarily a good thing, either. When these guys get together, you can feel the energy dripping from them and flowing into everything they do, but such energy is much better suited to a live show than a record. Their live show is fantastic, and I recommend you go see them (they’re on tour with DevilDriver and Superjoint as of the time of this writing) but someone who can’t stand the in-your-face pounding of thrash or the foolishness of hardcore punk will most likely not appreciate the recorded material. It’s definitely not something to put on while you’re sitting at home having a few beers with your buddies on a Saturday night, and if you’re looking for music that’s politically and intellectually charged, you’re looking in the wrong place. But if you want some music that throws its energy in your face as hard as it can and then laughs at you about it, beckoning you to get up and have a good time with yourself, King Parrot is where its at.


1. Entrapment
2. Piss Wreck
3. Disgrace Yourself
4. All Hail the Grub
5. Ten Pounds of Shit in a Five Pound Bag
6. Scattered
7. Now it Stokes Frenzy
8. Numb Skull
9. Die Before You Die
10. Spookin’ The Animals


Matthew “Youngy” Young – vocals
Ari “Mr. White” White – guitar
Andrew “Squiz” Livingstone-Squires – guitar
Wayne “Slatts” Slattery – bass
Todd “Toddy” Hansen – drums

Check out King Parrot here:


Written by Mitch Ellerbrock for Bloodrock Media on October 18, 2017