Finnish singer songwriter Kimi Kärki is soon to release his new solo album Eye for an Eye on August 18th courtesy of Svart Records. Also a cultural historian, Kimi is known for his impressive soloistic and versatile guitar playing.

This whole composition is really catered to those who love sad and thought provoking music, and luckily, I do. With the entire album simply guitar and singing, Kimi really shows his ability to tell stories through music. All of the tracks feel less like a song and more like a book, with all of them coming together to form an album I truly enjoyed. My favorite songs on the planet are slow, sad, and acoustic like this, and singer/songwriter is actually my favorite genre. Coming from a guy who has listened to every City and Colour album religiously, this is worth a listen, even if it is a different style.

Eye for an Eye is truly an impressive album through and through, for the simple quality of the guitar work if nothing else. If you love acoustic storytelling over beautiful music, this is an album you will want to pick up. 4.5/5 axes.

Don’t forget to check this album when it drops on August 18th!

FFO: Lord Vicar, Reverend Bazaar, Saint Vitus, Scarlet Thread

Kimi Kärki – guitar, Vocals

01 Entangled in Pleasure
02 Augurs of Winter
03 Lustful, Wrathful, Sullen
04 Beyond Distance
05 Good Things in Life
06 The Load We Carry
07 Spearhead
08 The River of Shadows
09 The Last Wave

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Written by Ethan Grason for Bloodrock Media on July 12, 2017