Ken “Kaizer” Bowden



Ken has always been a general lover of music but when it comes to his personal preference METAL rules all; without mercy or remorse. 

We are fairly certain he was created in a mad scientist lab with the help of demon fraternizing wizards and we’re okay with that. 

Ken writes his ass off for a few publications outside of Bloodrock Media.  He has also been in numerous bands as a bassist or vocalist, sometimes both.  He is a soldier in the US Army and a slayer of dragons. 

Ken loves crappy horror flicks, 80’s movies, wasting time googling obscure trivia, getting down on old school comics (Rocketeer, Doom Patrol, JSA), Star Wars, and anything Godzilla. 

His favorite bands include:  Deftones, Glassjaw, and Pantera.  Last, but surely not least, your mom thinks he’s the bee’s knees.