New Jersey’s death metal band Kalopsia is soon to release their new album Angelplague courtesy of Horror Pain Gore Death Productions on March 31st. Using sharp high vocals, crushing gutterals, and every range in between, the vocals in Angelplague are sure to hook you on the first track, “Destined to Return”. Utilizing pinch harmonics like no other, and throwing in groovy, creative breakdowns, Kalopsia is sure to stand out from other death metal bands. From the first track to the last, Kalopsia won’t let you down; Angelplague is a masterpiece all the way through. While keeping the traditional death metal style, Kalopsia has managed to create a sound all their own. I can wholeheartedly say I’ve never heard anything like Angelplague. Remember to grab a copy of Angelplague on March 31st.
Kalopsia will appeal to fans of Shotgun
Surgeon, Benighted, and Signs of the Swarm.
Listen to “Christened Upon the Slab” here:
1. Destined to
2. As the Serpent Devours
3. Christened Upon the Slab
4. Not Peace but Pestilence
5. Scorched Earth and Blackened Skies
6. Source of My Evil
7. Surge of Terror
8. Bitter Sacraments
Matt Medeiros: Vocals / Guitar
Justin Spaeth: Drums
Drew Murphy: Bass
Steve Horvath: Lead Guitar
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Written by Jay McCleskey on March 21, 2017 for Bloodrock Media
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