J. T. Lehtonen started as a one man show based out of Finland. This Finnish musician built his own recording studio in his house to work on his music. Land of Dust is a work of love that took the musician around six years to complete, from start to finish. He began by playing all of his own instruments, later realizing that he wanted something more – so he asked Miika “Gas Lipstick” Karppinen (former member of Finnish rock band HIM) to aid in this quest for more by playing drums on some of the tracks. Other artists also helped to turn this musical dream into a reality for J. T. Land of Dust is available for purchase now, courtesy of Concorde Music Company.
If you’re expecting something that is all soft and soulful, think again. Track one, “Blue”, may make you think you’re in for a soothing ride, but then “Adultery” begins with some ripping chords and powerful vocals, squashing any misconceptions – this is a rock album. J. T. pulls no punches when showing off the range of his voice or how he can shred on the guitar. For metal lovers all over, “Evil Mind” will be a favorite – haunting lyrics over thrashing drums combine with powerful bass and deep growling, making this song eclectic and unique in the meshing of sounds it produces. J. T. displays that he isn’t just hard rock in the song “Land of Dust”, incorporating a Dream Theater-esque sound, from the vocals building up to the booming instruments that seem to assail your senses. “Thank God It’s Friday” has an almost poppy sound to it, a happy rock medley that further exhibits the talent that can be encompassed in one individual, and showcases his liking for iconic bands like Rush by incorporating similar sounds. “Day After Day” is another track that will shine a spotlight on the musician’s Rush-esque sound, upbeat metal harmonizing with a range of vocals and bass riffs that will force you to move at least your head to the beat.
If you’re into music that covers a wide range of sound, you’ll want to check out Land of Dust. There is a track on here that will satisfy every rock fan – whether your likings are progressive rock, metal, or a little bit of poppy sounding rock. This is an artist who is not only talented, but truly dedicated to his craft – and this dedication is evident in every track of this album. This is also an artist who is not married to or jailed by one “type” of rock – he has no fear exploring the options available and creating something beautiful from all of them.
  1. Blue
  2. Adultery
  3. Evil Mind
  4. You’re Wrong
  5. Land of Dust
  6. Thank God It’s Friday
  7. Never Give Up
  8. Blocked Pipe
  9. Day After Day
  10. Newsflash
  11. Seeking
  12. Liar
J. T. Lehtonen – Guitar & Vocals
Miika “Gas Lipstick” Karppinen (H.I.M) – Drums
Peter Grip – Drums
Tuomas Niska – Bass
Aki Lepisto – Bass
Kimmo Mustonen – Piano
Tero Roine – Slide Guitar
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Written by Har-Lena Quinn for Bloodrock Media on April 6, 2017
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