Jay Matson


“ Photography is to place your head, heart and eyes along the same line of sight.”

If you haven’t heard of this guy, let me introduce you……Known for his concert photography and as the comic personality of the Jay and Brody Show, He has now joined the ranks of greatness by joining Bloodrock Media as a photojournalist.

Jay was born and raised in Chicago and though he was not born with a camera in hand it has very much became a part of who he is today. His media career began with The Simply Wicked Show in 2014 and quickly escalated to become his passion. Music has always been a part of who Jay is and this is evident in his continuous work to provide fans with his art, depicting the raw emotion and the musical high through his photography.

He has covered everything from intimate venues and garage bands to large festivals such as Northern Invasion, Chicago Open Air and Warped Tour.

Jay’s three favorite bands are Breaking Benjamin, Dead Horse Trauma, and Sunflower Dead.