Fresh out of Italy with a monstrous sound, newcomers Integral recently dropped their debut album, Resilience. Formed back in 2013 the crew made such a splash with their first demo back in 2015 they were signed to Japanese label Ghastly Records barely a year later. This crew of young guns follows in the vein of bands like Candiria or iwrestledabearonce, taking death metal/ deathcore and throwing in all kinds of influences from outta left field. Equal parts hellacious thrashing and unadulterated groove, this album melts faces in such a slick manner one can’t help but think “damn homie!”

Following the eerie intro the album’s first track “Collapsed Cubes” hits you hard and fast, no warnings just all ass kicking. The funny thing about it is it’s deceptively straightforward unlike most of the songs on the album. It gets you pumped up and ready to thrash like your typical death metal album before spinning those meager expectations on their ear. A perfect example of this to start with would be “Realm of Atlantis”, the majority of the track is legit death metal riffing that will get your pulse thumping but then outta nowhere they hit with this insanely cool jazz inspired breakdown. It blindsides you but when it drops but the heavy groove is so good you don’t even care you just got the carpet pulled from under you. “Hieroglyphica” is yet another one loaded with surprises, it dances between being straight up black metal of uncanny proportions and the kind of melodic death metal you can’t help but crave more of. Only for “Hieroglyphica” to slide into an aggressive yet entrancing breakdown that will have you thinking “these guys for damn sure know what they’re doing” just to spring board right back to making you risk whiplash with how brutal the riffs and drums are.

The breakdown in “Room with A View” is work of art in itself part blues, part power metal solo and all swagtastic, leading into some stellar blast beats and just all around killer melody. The next track “Self-Made Oblivion” has some truly exemplary bass lines, managing to maintain an almost Caribbean like funk to it while the guitars roar before the riffs and drums join it in unleashing some tropic heat. And yet again just as you think you have a handle on things the track explodes with ferocity like a war cry. The layers of this track alone make the album worth a listen considering how adeptly they manage to put together so much into just under 5 minutes without feeling cluttered. Following this comes “Mechanical Existence Construction” which is what I’d define as like the anti-shitty power ballad, the sound is huge the guitars, drums and bass are all in top form throughout, easily one of the best tracks on the album.

Every now and then a debut album comes along that just puts you on your heels and makes you think “how is there only this one album?!?!”, which means it’s done its job. That is completely the case here with Resilience.  Integral  might be young guns on the scene but their work speaks volumes for itself. Anyone looking to catch some sick musicians on the come up need look no further, if this is the opening shot then what comes next will be truly insane. Do yourself a favor and cop this album like yesterday.

4.0 outta 5.0 axes

1.Blank Claustrophobia
2.Collapsed Cubes
4.Realm of Atlantis
5.Mac Brazel
7.Room with A View
8.Self-Made Oblivion
9.Mechanical Existence Construction
10.Out There In Silence (Eclipse)

Alessio Moraschini (vocals)
Massimiliano Cirelli (guitar)
Jacopo Farina (guitar)
Marco Morandi (bass)
Agostino Buttarelli (drums)

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Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on August 16, 2017