The Minnesota based grindcore project, Insect Death released their album Perpetuating Idiocy  last year, and it kind of fell under the radar. The pet project of Will Maravelas (We Are Legion, Chalice of Suffering), this album was only delivered to me with the music and one short quote from Will himself. “Insect Death. It’s angry and loud, and I dedicated the noise to moms. She doesn’t like metal, but it’s metal to love your mom.” You heard him guys, mothers are metal as hell. But slightly more metal than that is Insect Death. The description of this album was accurate if nothing else, because this was indeed angry and loud. Apparently 4 tracks on the album got radio playtime as well, which is crazy for grindcore as a genre!

Perpetuating Idiocy kind of threw me for a loop honestly, it was nothing close to what I expected. To explain, this first needs a preface. There isn’t usually much variation within metal subgenres, and more so than that, grindcore. Most follow the same formula (which I love!), and stick to recurring ideas of what it SHOULD sound like. I loved this album quite a lot because of the fact that it didn’t try to be anything. It was just good, and to even be labelled under only one genre for this album seems to lowball it a bit. The album starts off strong with the unrelenting barrage fast guitar and angry vocals present in “Perpetuating Idiocy,” the title track of this album. But after a few songs, several of which are less than 10 seconds long, the sound structure seemed to change. The song “Contiunity, Comfort, and Collapse” really impressed me, as it seemed to take heavy influence from non-grind genres of music, like thrash and death metal, and caught my attention rather quickly. Also being over 3 minutes long, this allowed for grooviness, thrashy riffs, and brutal vocals to have time to develop, and for the motifs throughout the song to come to fruition. The different styles and ideas used throughout this album really intrigued me as a grindcore fan, and I was far from displeased with album.

If you’re a fan of heavy music in general I would recommend Perpetuating Idiocy. Of course it has a few gimmicks of grindcore, such as 7 second songs, but even those do nothing to take away from the rest of the music. This album is well-balanced, and just groovy enough, that I feel it could serve for a great introduction to grindcore for people who may not be a fan of the unintelligible inhales and Nails style guitar riffs that some heavier grind might offer. This is definitely one I wish I had known about sooner, considering this came out over a year ago, but I’m sure age will treat this album well, at least in my eyes! Don’t forget to give this album a listen, maybe you’ll like it!

Bloodrock Rating:  4.2 out of 5 axes


Will Maravelas – All Instruments

1. Perpetuating Idiocy
2. Heed the Warning, My Sheeple
3. The Glorious Stench of Rotting Skin Hanging from the Clothesline
4. Oh the Total Bullshit Spewing from Your Mouth
5. What Happens When you Don’t Vote, or what Actually does When you Do
6. Continuity, Comfort and Collapse
7. I’m Sorry your HSA is Empty
8. 13 More Years
9. Bullshit
10. Barren
11. A Lab Rat Failed Experiment
12. Force Fed the Empires Crumble


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Written by Ethan Grason for Bloodrock Media on November 27, 2017