Switzerland natives Insanity are bringing back 90’s harcore (Hatebreed, Pennywise, Strung Out) in style with their sophomore full-length release Toss A Coin, available May 26th via Bastardized Recordings.
While Toss A Coin is most definitely a Throwback Thursday worthy album, it is by no means dated or stagnant, quite the contrary actually. Tracks such as “No Tolerance for Intolerance”, “Toss A Coin”, and “With My Friends” are great reminders of the days when punk was about social issues, and rebellion, but still having a good time with your boys (or girls). While you may not feel the urge to pop the cork on some fine Pinot Noir while listening to Toss A Coin, but what you will find yourself doing is chanting spirited anthems from the choruses of “All I Need”, “Die For”, and “What’s Hardcore” with a pint in hand, side-by-side with your best pals.
Toss A Coin reminds us that hardcore can be harder than a cannonball without being depressive or dreary. It also reminds us that artists can have a stance on social issues without being whiny, soft-spine snowflakes and instead choose to spit in the face of adversity, like the old days. Toss A Coin is simple in it’s construction; the riffs and beats are good but fairly straightforward, the lyrics and vocals are powerful but not grandiose but what the album lacks in “artistic depth” (said with a chuckle), it more than makes up for with guts, message, and delivery. Music doesn’t need to be complicated, technical, or dare we say “fancy” to be good; sometimes less is more and Insanity got it right with Toss A Coin, this album is great reminder of why we love the metal scene so much, quite simply good music.
1. No Tolerance For Intolerance
2. Find A Way
3. Toss A Coin
4. What I See
5. With My Friends
6. Down
7. All I Need
8. One Day
9. $laves
10. What’s Hardcore
11. Die For

Check out Insanity here:https://www.facebook.com/insanity.metal
Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on April 17, 2017
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