Inglorious released their album Inglorious II on May 12, 2017, courtesy of Frontiers Music. A little factoid about this band: the band is fronted by Nathan James, who previously sang with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. They are an England-based band that will rock your world.

Inglorious II opens up with “I Don’t Need Your Loving”, a melodic song with crashing drums and groove filled rock riffs, under lyrics about a witchy woman whose love we don’t need. “Read All About It” immediately presents you with and James’ beautiful vocals and more of his sassy lyrics. “Change Is Coming” starts off with slow vocals over bluesy guitars and then picks up again, giving us something to rock out to. “No Good For You” is a perfect, heavy, one night stand song – articulating that when you wake, I’ll be gone – I’m a storm raging on.  

Inglorious II is filled with dirty, groovy beats perfect for letting the top down and driving anywhere (or nowhere). Inglorious is seriously talented and have come together to create heavy melodic rock in it’s finest form. Every song on this album is going to make you want to move – whether it’s a little head action, or full fledged dancing. For a wild ride, call Inglorious.

I Don’t Need Your Loving
Taking The Blame
Tell Me Why
Read All About It
Change Is Coming
Making Me Pay
Hell Or High Water
No Good For You
I Got A Feeling
Black Magic
High Class Woman

Colin Parkinson – Bass
Phil Beaver – Drums
Andreas Zata Eriksson – Guitar
Drew Lowe – Guitar
Nathan James – Vocals

Check out Inglorious here:


Bloodrock Media Rating:  4.0 out of 5.0 axes

Written by Har-Lena Quinn for Bloodrock Media on May 31, 2017