I’ve been following this band for the better part of a decade, and, while nu metal hasn’t really been a word that’s passed around with affection these days, we all still love Coal Chamber and Slipknot, right? Ok let’s move on, then.

Infected Rain are from Moldova. If you don’t know where that is, it’s stuck right between Ukraine, and Romania. It’s one of the poorest nations in the world, and it’s mostly farm country. It’s also in a part of the world that, trust me, is still hurting from it’s Russian- oppressed era(they’re only about ten hours away from where Russia still occupies Crimea).

So for a band like Infected Rain to release not one, but FIVE solid-quality EP’s and full length albums of this caliber, you take note – and I was fortunate enough to have been exposed to them a long time ago.

They’re fronted by the stunningly gorgeous Lena Scissorhands, who, quite frankly, makes Maria Brink look like a foot. She’s lanky, tattooed, and, oh yeah, she has a hell of a set of pipes. When she sings (and she can fuckin’ SING), it’s reminiscent of Siouxie Sioux (look her up, kids). When she screams, it sounds like what Maria Brink used to do. And then things plummet to where she’s doing a solid job of creating death metal vocals.

The band isn’t too shabby either. Two guitars, bass, and drums all worth their salt. Their style spans from Mushroomhead’s, Coal Chamber’s somewhat creepy tones, to Lamb Of God’s all out assault and Rikets‘ driving guitars!

86 is the band’s fifth offering, featuring 11 tracks of some of the best metal I’ve heard in a while. Like, I actually want to blast this in my “day cruisin'” playlist in my car good (and that’s a tough sell)!

A cool thing, too, is that, halfway through the album, they take a right turn and head sort of into an industial/dubstep kind of thing, with the song “Intoxicating”. It’s creepy, intense, and sweaty sexy. Like a young Christina Aguilera (the Stripped album), if she could scream. I’m super serial.

And let’s be clear, this band isn’t good because they have a gorgeous woman center stage. They’re SERIOUSLY kick ass. I think it’s sort of a blessing that they’re from behind the iron curtain, because what they’ve done is bring back an old sound with a new spin on it.

I know their PR guy, and I’ve been begging him to bring this band to the states for some time now. I think I’m gonna have to beg harder, because you NEED to own this album. 5 out of fucking 5.

By the way, yes it’s in English. Most of the world speaks it, people.   🙂

86 dropped in April 2017. Get it.

FFO: Otep, Everybody Panic, Slipknot

01 – Mold
02 – Serendipity
03 – Feeaky Carnival
04 – Endless Stairs
05 – Orphan Soul
06 – Fool the Gravity
07 – Intoxicating
08 – Smoking Lies
09 – Peculiar Kind of Sanity
10 – Queen of the Candy World
11 – My Home

Band Lineup:
Lena Scissorhands – Vocals
Vova Babici – Bass
Sergey Babich – Guitar
Vidick IRain – Guitar
Eugene – Drums

Check out Infected Rain here::


Written by Hobbes Caltous for Bloodrock Media