Incubus is back, releasing their eighth full-length album since the band’s creation in 1991, courtesy of Island Records. The album is appropriately titled 8, and was released on April 21st, 2017 – this was the longest fans have ever had to wait between releases for the band. Incubus has been relevant for a super long time, right?
The opening track, “No Fun” kicks off with a bit of a harder sound, until Boyd’s orgasmic vocals fill your ears (yes, I said orgasmic). “Nimble Bastard” shows off some more drum work and the talent that Jose Pasillas brings to the band. “Glitterbomb” will remind you of old school Incubus, with dirty, groove filled beats, seductive bass and just the right amount of drum to take you there (where? THERE). “Loneliest” is a song that will drag you through a range of emotions – you’ll be sad, but you’ll want to feel some love, and also inexplicably have the desire to slow dance with a random dude (or chick) to this slow, heartbreak inducing song. You’ll be perked right back up though from the opening of the next song – “When I Became A Man”. You’ll get a mariachi band feel from the beginning of this song, which is only 57 seconds long, as a little pick-me-up palate cleanser. “Make No Sound In The Digital Forest” is a song in which the band just shows off their musical talents – beats, bass, and drums, sans vocals – staying true to the title of the track.
Let me tell you – when I say that Incubus is back, they are back. No wonder it took so long for this album to come out – you can’t rush perfection. You also can’t ever hate on a band for staying true to the sound they’ve boasted from the beginning. They do not disappoint with 8. They introduce some newer sounds while still incorporating what earned them their fame and fans. If you are a diehard Incubus fan, go get this album, listen to it, revel in it, think of me when you do (I mean only if you want to). I also just need to get this off my chest – I would still have Brandon Boyd’s illegitimate baby (or multiple babies….Brandon, call me).
  1. No Fun
  2. Nimble Bastard
  3. State of the Art
  4. Glitterbomb
  5. Undefeated
  6. Loneliest
  7. When I Became A Man
  8. Familiar Faces
  9. Love In A Time Of Surveillance
  10. Make No Sound In The Digital Forest
  11. Throw Out The Map
Brandon Boyd – Guitar, vocals
Mike Einziger – Piano
Jose Pasillas – Drums
Chris Kilmore – Turntable
Ben Kenney – Bass guitar
Check out Incubus here:
Written by Har-Lena Quinn for Bloodrock Media on May 2, 2017
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