Apart from having toured with these guys in 2008, which was before they adopted their current stage show, I’ve only actually seen IN THIS MOMENT once. But unlike the group of people who like to label themselves as “true” metalheads, I actually like their stuff, on and off the stage. I’ve made the comparison many times, that Maria Brink is like the Beyonce’ Knowles of heavy metal, which, when you look at it- at least in my eyes- is pretty damned cool. I really like it when bands do more than just get out of bed, throw on the sleeveless shirt they wore the day before, and get on stage.

It isn’t done enough, which is exactly why the bands like In This Moment, Ghost, and Slipknot get so much notice. They doing more than the average band.

It was in that interest that I got my hands on a copy of ITM’s newest release, Ritual. I knew it would have a lot of different styles behind it, if for no other reason than to augment their already pretty major stage show.

I was not, however, prepared for the depth of Ritual. I heard a lot of different things in this album, from notes of Devo and Goldfrapp’s “Ooh La La”, in the song “Joan Of Arc”, to a not so subtle nod to Billy Idol in the song “Black Wedding. There’s even a Johnny Cash-esque filtered prose at the end of the album’s first track, “Salvation.

The album goes on for 12 tracks and runs the gamut of styles and tones, which is good, but there’s a glaring problem with Ritual; it’s boring. I hate to even say that because I’ve toured with this band, and they’re all really cool people, but it wasn’t three years ago when ITM combined all that panache with a bad ass metal album, and it’s just not here.

I applaud it’s listen-ability and it’s instant appeal to the more mainstream metalhead, but I miss songs like “Beautiful Tragedy” or even “Whore”. That said, I have no doubt that it’ll translate very well to the stage-in fact, I’m sure that aspect took a major part in the song writing. It’s gotta be difficult hitting those screams when Maria’s has to remember the choreography.

That said, having Mister Metal himself, Rob Halford, guest on “Black Wedding”, not to mention their amazing reproduction of Phil Collins‘ “In The Air Tonight, is really cool. If Nonpoint had done it like this, I’d have listened.

All in all, though, it’s not quite enough to win me over. Ritual is a good album, definitely more mature, and I’m sure it’ll go gold.

Ritual dropped on July 21st, 2017. You can listen to it in ts entirety below.

FFO: Five Finger Death Punch, Disturbed, Nickelback

Band Lineup:
Maria Brink – Vocals
Chris Howorth – Lead Guitar
Travis Johnson – Bass
Randy Weitzel – Guitar

Track List:
01. Salvation
02. Oh Lord
03. Black Wedding (feat. Rob Halford)
04. In The Air Tonight
05. Joan of Arc
06. River of Fire
07. Witching Hour
08. Twin Flames
09. Half God Half Devil
10. No Me Importa
11. Roots
12. Lay Your Gun Down

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Bloodrock Rating:  2.5 out of 5.0 axes (I miss the heavier stuff)

Written by Hobbes Caltous for Bloodrock Media on July 24, 2017


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