Louisville, KY – It’s a cold Saturday and I’m hitting the road to catch this show in downtown Louisville at the Louisville Palace. Who could pass up a night of Ded, New Year’s Day, POD, and In This Moment!? Definitely not me. This venue that held all this madness was very unique; it was an old historic theater that was massive and so colorful! The roof was curved up like a dome and there were artistic but kinda creepy sculptures in every corner. This place was perfect for a rock show, but there were seats firmly planted in the building, so there was no room for moshing. Nor was it allowed. I arrived just before my scheduled time for my interview with a couple of the guys from POD. I met and spoke with Tre and Sonny for a few minutes.  They were very nice and down to earth dudes. Be sure to check out that interview here, the guys announced some exciting news! (Interview can be found here)

DED on 2/3/2018

Ded was the first band to take the stage and they were the right fit for the job. If you weren’t awake already, these guys were sure

to get you up off your seat and head bang along. Not very many people knew or heard of them, but towards the end of their set and of course with their closing hit “Anti-Everything”, everyone was standing and singing along. Even after the show- these rockers lined up from Ded’s merch table all the way to the front door so they could “meet and greet” the Ded boys. These guys put on one hell of a show!

New Year’s Day on 2/3/2018

Next up was New Year’s Day! I really enjoy seeing their performance and energy. The front-woman, Ash, is beautiful and flawless with her half red half black hair. She was able to wake up the crowd even more with her powerful vocals and it was great (and sad) to hear her thank us all for supporting women in metal, that shouldn’t have to be said.

Everyone stood up anxiously awaiting for POD to fill us with their presence. They brought it, like they always do! Everyone was singing and rocking along, waving their hands side to side and screaming, “Boom, here come the BOOM!”. They have such an infectious sound, these guys know how to make music. They included their hit songs, “Boom,” “Alive,” and of course “Youth of the Nation.”

POD on 2/3/2018

A big curtain came down to hide the stage so we could really prepare ourselves for our headliners tonight, In This Moment. They boldly came out first with ,”Blood,” followed by “River of Fire.” We were lucky to enjoy their performance for over an hour. Maria kept amazing us with her different outfits, each one was specific to thee song. I am especially a fan of theirs because they allow the photographers to shoot their entire set in the photo pit. They are continuously changing sets, so that definitely helps out with the pictures. They put on such a theatrical performance while including their powerful lyrics on top of it. Definitely a band you have got to see live! They ended their set with an encore with balloons falling from the room while Maria screamed, “Whore!”

In This Moment on 2/3/2018

Overall this was a killer night, each of the bands performed amazingly and the crowd in Louisville ate up every minute of it.

You can check out our photos of each of the bands here:
In This Moment
New Year’s Day




Written by Jennifer Pinckney for Bloodrock Media on February 16, 2018